Monday, October 16, 2006

Classic All-Star Rockers

This past Friday I met Mike Pinera, he was staying at my hotel with the rest of his bandmates, The Classic Rock AllStars. They were playing at a Festival nearby and we talked about his history in the rock music scene and who he has played with, met, etc. He has played in/with Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, Ramatam, Cactus, Thee Image, Alice Cooper and the different bands that have opened for his bands or his bands opened for are amazing. He told me about the time Led Zeppelin opened for Iron Butterfly and I could only imagine how great a concert that was to see two great bands of that caliber and than to know that Led Zeppelin opened for my band....I would be in heaven. Mr. Pinera was also the nicest guy and I'm really glad I had the chance to meet him. I was invited out to the concert but unfortunately I didn't make it but I hope to see him in concert in the future and I look forward to meeting him again.

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