Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nashville Culinary Experience

We're having The Nashville Culinary Experience with chef Hal Holden-Bache on January 19. This is a chance to eat some inspiring and delicious food and listen to the amazing Suzi Ragsdale perform for us in her music room after the dinner.

There are only 16 seats available so please be sure to RSVP. I hope
you can join us.

$35.00 per person

Social time 6:00-6:30pm (appetizers)
deviled eggs, pimento cheese and chicken salad

4 courses 6:30-8:00(soup, salad, entrée, dessert)
soup: pureed butternut squash
salad: cauliflower, broccoli with buttermilk dressing
entree: grilled pork with collared greens and mashed potatoes
dessert: apple crisp with nuts

Suzi Ragsdale will be performing from 8:30-10:00pm

1034 Woodvale Drive
Nashville Tn

Corey Webb
The Nashville Experience

Nashville Restaurant Week