Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kentucky Derby event coming Saturday, May 3

Stay tuned for all the details.

Scenes from a late lunch at Mambu

Review to be posted on Webbspun Ideas on Monday.

Who did I see perform at 328 Performance Hall?



I also saw Widespread Panic, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Dixie Dregs, Blues Traveler and many more. So how about you? Who did you see and who was your favorite?

I loved Col. Bruce and the performances that they put on as well as Beausoleil but it is so hard to pick one favorite.

Tin Pan South Calendar for Tuesday, April 1

The Basement
1604 8th Ave. S. ph. /615/254-8006
Still Brainstorming
6:30 p.m. - $8.00
Zane Williams, Sarah Siskind, Ashley Monroe, Sally Barris
Late Show
9 p.m. - $8.00
Troy Jones, Blu Sanders, Heather Little, Scooter Carusoe

The Bluebird Cafe
4104 Hillsboro Pike
Early Show
6 p.m. - $15.00
Kyle Jacobs, Lee Brice, Ray Stephenson, Nicole Witt
Late Show
9 p.m. - $15.00
Harley Allen, Kent Blazy, Kevin Denny, Jamie Teachenor

Douglas Corner
2106-A 8th Ave. S
Early Show
6:30 p.m. - $7.00
Jim Reilley, Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, Robert Reynolds, Muscle Shoals Brothers
Late show
9 p.m. - $10.00
Walt Aldridge, Donny Lowery, James LeBlanc, Steven Dale Jones

Edgehill Studios Cafe
1201 Villa Place
Early Show
6:30 p.m. - $7.00
Megan James, Jeremy Spillman, Michael Logen, Sean McConnell
Late Show
9 p.m. - $7.00
Rick Beresford, Deanna Walker, Rissi Palmer, Sarah Majors w/ Dave Smith

Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Early Show
6:30 p.m. - $10.00
Kim Richey, Mando Saenz, Will Kimbrough, AM
Late Show
9 p.m. - $15.00
Vince Gill, Al Anderson, Karyn Rochelle

The Rutledge
410 4th Avenue South
GMA and WAY-FM Present
6 p.m. - $15.00
Steven Curtis Chapman, Billy Gaines, Ashley Cleveland, Geoff Moore, Matthew West
Late Show
9 p.m. - $15.00
Stephen Bishop, Roger Cook, Andrew Gold, Jude Johnstone

3rd & Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
Early Show
6:30 p.m. - $10.00
Jim McCormick, Marv Green, Jeff Stevens, Jay Knowles
Late Show
9 p.m. - $12.00
Dale Watson, George Ducas, Caitlin Rose, Emily West

Friday, March 28, 2008

My yacht is better than your yacht

IN a shipyard in Germany, Blohm & Voss workers are building a mammoth yacht called the Eclipse.

Like many things in the secretive world of superyachts, its exact length is hard to pin down. So is the name of its owner, and the cost of building it.

But according to the Web site of The Yacht Report, one of several publications that track yachting with the same intensity that gossip magazines cover Hollywood hunks, the Eclipse is 531.5 feet long.

That’s six and a half feet longer than the Dubai, an 11,600-ton behemoth that now holds the record as the world’s largest yacht. Its owner is the ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

The extra length on the Eclipse isn’t an accident. Supersized yachts are the latest examples of one-upmanship among billionaires, many of whom already own a private jet, a Rolls-Royce or two, and multiple mansions.

Despite fear of an economic recession and unrelenting job pressures among those who remain yachtless, there’s still a lot of money floating around the world. And as the superrich get richer, the size of yachts grows bigger and bigger, too.

“When a yacht is over 328 feet, it’s so big that you lose the intimacy,” says Tork Buckley, editor of The Yacht Report. “On the other hand, you’ve got bragging rights. No question, that’s a very strong part of the motivation.”

Read the entire article in the New York Times.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just inside the Country Music Hall of Fame

Trinkets on a wall at Mambu

Angel on the corner

Family Tradition: The Williams Family Legacy opens at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Few families have had such a major impact on country music as the Williamses. This 5,000 square foot major exhibition examines the personal lives of Hank Williams and Hank Williams Jr. and explores the dynamics that inspired some of the most influential country music ever recorded.

See the connections between these iconic figures and their creative heirs and discover how American music continues to be measured by the standards they set. To tell the story, Hank Williams Jr., Jett Williams and members of the Williams family have offered over 200 rare artifacts never seen by the public, enabling the Museum to create an unforgettably compelling saga of love, heartache and redemption. The voices and music of all family members are heard throughout the exhibit. This major exhibition will present an intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of a great American musical dynasty. Come learn more about the family at the foundation of country music.

Learn more at the Country Music Hall of Fame website.

Garrett Parris exhibit at the horse show

Here are some pictures, cd's and music of Garrett Parris that we had at our booth at the Cabin Fever Classic horse show. He is a very talented guy with great songs and music.

Sorry about not being able to hear his music that well but the tractor was "dragging" the dirt for the next round of riding.

Bluebird Cafe Calendar March 27-31

March 27
In The Round with Pete Sallis, Clay Mills, Rachael Thibodeau and Jamie Floyd

In The Round with John Jarvis, Stephen Bishop, Jude Johnstone and Jeff Jones

March 28
In The Round with Cindy Kalmenson, Caroline Aiken, Lani Nash and Tony Lailo
no cover

In the Round with James Dean Hicks, Rob Crosby, Billy Montana and friend

March 29
In The Round with Lari White, Shane Stevens, James Slater & Sarah Buxton
A Benefit for the YMCA

March 30
Sunday Spotlight
Ryan Robertson
no cover

Writers Night with special guest Bill Lloyd
no cover

March 31
Open Mic hosted by Barbara Cloyd
no cover

Mike Henderson Band with Willie Domann and Kevin McKendree

3rd & Lindsley Calendar- March 27-31

Thursday, March 27
The Little River Band w/ Kristen Cothron – 8:00 pm

Friday, March 28
Tommy Womack w/ Sali Hagen – 7:00 pm
Stateliner w/ Branded Sons and Ball Hog – 10:00 pm

Saturday, March 29
Soul Cages "The Music of Sting and The Police" – 7:00 pm
Chris Janson w/ Kree Harrison – 10:00 pm

Sunday, March 30
Jennifer Daniels – 7:00 pm
Ben Cyllus – 8:00 pm
Shawn Mullins – 9:00 pm

Monday, March 31
Studio Music Group Writers Round – 6:00 pm
Rudder w/ Snarky Puppy – 9:00 pm

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores- March 26-April 1


Taco Bell
7659 Hwy 70 South
Date Inspected: 3-18-08
Score: 95

36 White Bridge Road
Date Inspected: 3-19-08
Score: 96

Jack in the Box
7655 Hwy 70 South
Date Inspected: 3-18-08
Score: 94

Chef Works
718 Thompson Lane
Date Inspected: 3-17-08
Score: 94

4104 Hillsboro Circle
Date Inspected: 3-17-08
Score: 94

2323 Elliston Place
Date Inspected: 3-19-08
Score: 94


New Jumbo Buffet
1130 S. Gallatin Road
Date Inspected: 3-14-08
Score: 55
Major Violations:
· Employee not washing their hands when going from taking out trash to working with a pot of shrimp
· Shrimp is out of temperature
· Roach crawling on rice cooker lid on shelf
· Fish, twice baked potato, and crab meat, on the salad bar, are all out of temperature

Goten Restaurant
1719 West End Avenue
Date Inspected: 3-19-08
Score: 59
Major Violations:
· Fruit flies on wall and ceiling by back prep-table
· Tuna in display cooler is out of temperature
· No hand-washing facility available in the dish-machine area because there is no handle on the hand-sink


Nashville Convention Center
601 Commerce Street
Passed Reinspection

Care for a game?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores; March 19-25


Dunya Kabob
2521-B Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 3-13-08
Score: 96

White Castle
2901 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 3-12-08
Score: 95

Burger King
14999 Old Hickory Blvd
Date Inspected: 3-11-08
Score: 94

Papa John’s
5814 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 3-11-08
Score: 93

Gyros International
5814 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 3-11-08
Score: 93

4040 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 3-12-08
Score: 93


No low scores for the week.


Nashville Convention Center
601 Commerce Street
Did Not Pass Reinspection – Still have roaches

Wine Tasting at Vinea; Saturday March 22 from 2-5pm

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big Chill Deli opens on 2nd Avenue N.

112 2nd Avenue N.
Find gourmet soups in bread bowls, pizza bagels, sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, ice cream and more.
Monday - Sunday, 11:00 am - midnight

Family Day at the Frist Center for Visual Arts

Frist Center Family Day
Sunday, March 16
919 Broadway
1 pm - 5:30 pm
Free admission for Family Day!
Tour current exhibitions Monet to Dali and Aaron Douglas, and enjoy live jazz music, jugglers, video screenings, art activities and more.

What it looked like outside last Saturday at our house

Webbspun Wines for the Weekend

Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Riesling 2006

Panarroz Jumilla 2006

Friday, March 14, 2008

Should someone be able to sell a reservation for a restaurant besides the restaurant?

I think this is just wrong for someone to act like they have the ability to "auction" or "sell" tables at restaurants without working with the restaurant. Having been a concierge, I know that there are times when you can have a restaurant hold a table or two for you but to sell them...I can't agree with that. I never was a fan of OpenTable or other websites that tried to do the job of a concierge or a person calling the restaurant themselves but after reading this article, I really don't enjoy this process.
~Corey Webbspun

Published: March 12, 2008

IT is hard to imagine Joseph Bastianich, who owns a dozen restaurants with Mario Batali and controls some of the most coveted tables in the country, being flustered by a reservation for two at Babbo for 6:15 on a Friday night.

But Mr. Bastianich was furious: someone was offering that table at TableXchange, a Web site on which diners can buy and sell reservations, hot commodities in a town where getting a table at the most popular restaurants has become an extreme sport.

The price was $25. The table was gone within an hour.

“We’re selling dinner; we don’t sell the opportunity to have dinner,” Mr. Bastianich said. “It goes against the grain of everything we do.”
Read the entire article in the New York Times.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Wine Tasting at Corrieri's- Saturday March 15

We're focusing this week on excellent Italian wines from Sicily and Tuscany. Each of these wines captures the history and rich winemaking tradition of these areas, and is an excellent value.

Taste them with us at Corrieri's Formaggeria (12th Avenue South on Caruthers Avenue behind Vinea) from 2 - 5 this Saturday. See you then!

Planeta, La Segreta Bianco - $15.99
Primarily a blend of Grecanico and Chardonnay, with a bit of Viogner and Fiano. This wine is lively and versatile, ideal as an aperitif or at parties.

Planeta, La Segreta Rosso - $17.99
50% Nero d'Avola, blended with Merlot,
Syrah, and Cabernet Franc.
Fruity, vibrant, and spicy. The spirit of Sicily!

Fonterutoli, Poggio alla Badiola IGT - $15.99
A blend of 75% Sangiovese - the grape of Tuscany - and 25% Merlot, with intense fruit aromas
and a long, smooth finish.

Zisola, Sicilia IGT - $19.99
Made from 100% Nero d'Avola, Sicily's indigenous grape, this wine features rich blackberry and dark cherry flavors with subtle spiciness.

Fonterutoli, "Siepi" Toscana IGT - $99.99
50% Merlot, 50% Sangiovese from a single vineyard. Aging for over a year in new oak before blending produces a lush, velvety texture.
- Available for pre-order -

Planeta, Syrah - $37.99
100% Syrah from southeastern Sicily.
A spicy nose - look for pepper, cloves and rosemary
- leads to rich fruit in the mouth.
- Available for pre-order -

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nashville jacket coming soon from Threadventures

Visit Threadventures to keep up with new and upcoming styles.

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores- March 12-18


5397 Rawlings Road
Date Inspected: 3-06-08
Score: 99

Taco Bell
1410 Brick Church Pike
Date Inspected: 3-05-08
Score: 95

907 Rivergate Pkwy
Date Inspected: 2-25-08
Score: 96


Nashville Convention Center
601 Commerce Street
Date Inspected: 3-06-08
Score: 51
Major Violations:
· No hot water at hand-sink in cook area
· Live roaches on wall behind steamers and oven on prep-line


Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant
2420 N. Gallatin Road
Passed Reinspection

Royal Thai
120 19th Avenue North

Hats autographed by Shawn Flarida

They will be on ebay by March 17.

Chris Cagle wearing one of our Nashville hats

Chris was a great guy and we gave him one of our hats and truly enjoyed his concert and his reining horse exhibition. Thanks for a good time Chris!

Visit Chris Cagle to learn more about his new #1 album and tour.

"My Nashville" is the Parthenon

Shawn Flarida riding at the Cabin Fever Classic

Bush motorcade at the Nashville airport

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fusion '08 brings all the arts together in the Gulch

The 4th annual Fusion event brings culinary, fashion, visual and musical artists together to raise money for the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.

Visit the Fusion website for more information.

Saturday, March 29
City Hall
Project A

3rd & Lindsley Calendar; March 8-17

Saturday, March 8
The Midnight Riders "Allman Brothers Revue" – 7:00 pm
Brooke Waggoner, Jeremy Fisher, and Christopher Denny – 10:00 pm

Sunday, March 9
Matt Costa w/ Johnathan Rice – 8:00 pm

Monday, March 10
Nashville Belfast, Sistercity Showcase – 6:00 pm
My Space Monday – 9:30 pm

Tuesday, March 11
Jason Fitz and Will Chamblin – 6:00 pm
Megan McCormick, MONAH, and Tommy and The Whale SXSW kickoff – 9:30 pm

Wednesday, March 12
Brad Long – 6:00 pm
Corazon – 7:30 pm
The Wooten Brothers – 9:30 pm

Thursday, March 13
Jumbo Shrimp – 7:00 pm
Eliot Morris, Ryan Horne, Drew Holcomb, Micah Dalton – 9:30 pm

Friday, March 14
Shelly Fairchild and The People w/ Chris Weaver and Cayde Doyle – 7:00 pm
Col. Bruce Hampton and The Quark Alliance and Johnny Neel and Criminal Element – 10:00 pm

Saturday, March 15
Pat Buchanan – 7:00 pm
Shawna P w/ Brett McLaughlin and Colleen McCarron"funk and soul revue" – 10:00 pm

Sunday, March 16
The Fairfield Four and Mike Farris – 8:00 pm

Monday, March 17
St Patricks Day
George O'Ducas – 6:00 pm

Xcessive Records opens on 2nd Avenue N.

A new record shop in downtown Nashville that sells books, posters and CDs. As they put it, "We're Little But We're Loud"

Their address is...
174 2nd Avenue N.

There hours are...
Monday - Thursday, noon - 8 pm
Friday - Saturday, 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday, 1 pm - 6 pm

Tasting Baumbach Wines this weekend

Vinea has something special this week, particularly for those of us in Nashville. They will showcase wines from California's Baumbach Winery, a small winery in the Sierra Foothills.

This family-run winery, in a unique part of California outside of the usual wine hotspots, produces excellent wines using traditional old world methods.

The 300-500 cases that Baumbach produces each year are available only in Nashville and Northern California. Meet Rebecca Baumbach Saturday at Corrieri's Formaggeria (12th Avenue South on Caruthers Avenue behind Vinea) from 2 - 5 and sample these excellent wines.

Produced away from California's well-known wine centers of Sonoma and Napa, these wines reflect the terroir of the mountain foothills where the grapes are cultivated.

These reds are a mix of new takes on familiar varietals, and lesser-known varietals that prove their worth.

Zinfandel - $19.99
Zinfandel was likely brought to California by Italian immigrants, and Baumbach Zinfandel is produced from the harvest of only 100 vines.
Great color, a plum nose, and a light vanilla finish.

Charbono - $19.99
Similar to the better-known Dolcetto of Italy's Piemonte region.
Charbono enjoys cult-like devotion in California - taste it to see why!

Aglianico - $21.99
Grown on fewer than 50 acres in California, Aglianico is a dark, bold red.
Blackberry with leather undertones.

Barbera - $22.99
An excellent medium-bodied wi
ne with hints of toasted almond and vanilla.
2410 12th Avenue South
Nashville, Tn 37204