Monday, November 27, 2006

No More Kings

No More Kings will be playing the Exit/In December 1 at 8pm check them out because they are getting rave reviews both locally and nationally. See them before they hit it big so that you can brag later about being cool and knowing about them before it was cool. Yeah you do that.......don't lie.

Thanks to Shannon Patterson for the info.

Breakfast at the Loveless Cafe

Seeing this sign if like coming home for me. I have gone here for years and will for many more because the food is delicious and the staff is fun.

Now a much larger restaurant than when I first discovered it and went for many years when it was just a small little place. Now it has grown and is able to hold more people and yet the crowds keep coming and the waits can be long.

A place where people of all kinds visit and enjoy the simple yet delicious food. This is the entrance with some of the pictures of celebrities who have visited. Speaking of celebrities, that is George Harvell on the left. He is the Executive Chef and Pitmaster and he knows how to make it just right.

A wonderful way to start the day when in the South...
Scrambled eggs, homefries, bacon, biscuits and gravy, coffee and some homemade preserves. They have Strawberry, Blackberry and Peach preserves to go with your biscuits. They also have some nice art on the wall made by local artists which is available for purchase.

Rats in New York subways


Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Fountain at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Welcome to the Schermerhorn

Lady playing in the court

Struggle at the symphony

Facade at the Schermerhorn

NYC pictures

Richard and Jessica working on the Relief Bus

The whole gang after a busy day with the Relief Bus

Gathering for a prayer before we part ways

Richard, Jessica and Donnie working with the Relief Bus

Sue on the Subway

New York City pictures

Beth doing her best to look like a surly New Yorker

Relief Bus in La Fontaine park The Bronx, New York. We were serving soup, pastries, iced tea and hot chocolate. We also gave clothes out to people who needed them as well as try to get them information on jobs and assistance.

Mama Mariam all smiles after leading us in prayer after a busy day working with the Relief Bus. Click HERE for information about the Relief Bus and the ministries that they do.

John at the Blue Note Jazz Club

Sunday, November 26, 2006

When looking for cheap flight

I used Sidestep just a couple of days ago to book a flight. I was very impressed with how they work and check the airlines websites as well as the "competition" (Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc) to get the best fares. When I decided on the best price, times and airline and clicked on it, it took me to the airlines website to purchase the ticket. Basically they just helped me find exactly what I was needing and sent me to the website of the airline I chose.

I haven't used before but I heard about this morning and checked out their website. I like the sounds and look of it and hope to use it sometime soon.

WarBird Skyventures

The next time you are in Nashville and looking for something truly different to do....I mean something that your friends can't imagine doing. If that is what you are looking for than give the folks at Warbird Skyventures a shout. They have a variety of plane types and offer just basic flying or aerobatics for a little more money. You can have a flight of 15 minutes or go up to 60 minutes and see the Tennessee countryside and enjoy the thrills of flying in vintage planes. The age limits are 10- 100 and the customer weight limit is 350 lbs. Be sure to check out the Pilot Shop for all kinds of souvenirs and mementos.

They are available to fly all Saturdays in December and also December 28-30
Nashville, TN
Sumner County Airport
AT-6 & Aeronca Champ

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Travels to NYC-more pictures

Entrance to St. Patrick's

Coke ad in Times Square

Times Square at night

Green fountain at Rockefeller Center

Green and Brown

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hylton Brothers in New York City


Two kindred spirits who love good food and the adventures of finding it.

Hot dogs from Papaya Dog in New York City

Jason eating a chocolate covered marshmellow at the street Festival

Papaya Dog

More from New York

Graffiti in New York City

Street festival near New York University

Scenes from a street festival near New York University

Ahh Shucks...
Roasted corn on the cob


Under the heat lamp

Vegetarians beware

Carnivore paradise

Food in New York City

Scenes from a street festival near New York University

Fortunato Brothers Cannoli was heavenly

Here is the evidence and yes, it tastes as good as it looks

This was a fun place to stop and shop. Great sweets here as well

Smokestacks in the New York

Crossing the bridge to Roosevelt Island, New York

Former Hospital in Queens, New York

Near Roosevelt Island, New York

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC- Exterior shots