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Thanks to Arrington Vineyards for the information about wine laws

Are Tennessee's wineries really threatened with closure and if so..why?
This is a "Constitutional" problem. A Federal Court is demanding that Tennessee change its winery laws. If TN does not change its winery law, then closing the TN wineries is an option the Federal Court may choose to enforce its demands.

Why can't the Federal Court change the law themselves?
Because the Courts can only affirm or strike down laws, they cannot change or CREATE laws.

Why is a Federal Court demanding that Tennessee change its "Grape and Wine Law"?
Because a wine shipping lawsuit was brought before the US 6th Circuit Court - Jelovsek v. Tennessee. While the Federal Court was reviewing the TN laws that regulate wine, it discovered that parts of the "TN Grape and Wine Law" discriminated against wineries and vineyards outside TN.

How does TN law "discriminate" against out-of-state wineries and vineyards?
The TN "Grape and Wine Law" includes wording that says: a TN winery can ONLY be owned by a current TN resident, TN wineries MUST to use TN grapes, and ONLY TN wineries can hold wine festivals in TN. A Federal Judge declared these rules unfair. Why isn't Oprah allowed to buy a TN winery? Why can't a Kentucky vineyard sell grapes to a TN winery? Why can't wineries located outside TN hold wine festivals inside TN?

But why does it matter if TN laws are unfair to those outside TN?
Because the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution prohibits a state from passing legislation that improperly burdens or discriminates against interstate commerce...and that is why a FEDERAL Judge is demanding the change to a TN law.
So what can be done to fix this?
The TN "Grape and Wine Law" has to be changed to meet the Federal Court's demands.

How does the law get changed?
TN wineries are working with TN legislators to change the law. House Bill 1549 and Senate Bill 0944 will change the wording in the "Grape and Wine Law" so it won't discriminate against out-of-state vineyards and wineries.

Does House Bill 1549 and Senate Bill 0944 do anything else, like allow wine to be sold in grocery stores or allow wine to be shipped to my house in TN?
HB1549 and SB0944 only change the wording in the TN "Grape and Wine Law" so that TN wineries can keep doing what they have been doing for the past 30 years while following the Court's demands. However, keeping the TN wine industry alive is another positive step for wine in TN, which will hopefully lead to more positive steps, like wine shipping and wine in grocery stores.

What happens if the TN Legislature does nothing?
Then a Federal Court will decide the TN wine industry's fate. Because the Court cannot "create" new law, they will not be able to change the laws regulating the TN wine industry..only strike them down...perhaps closing TN wineries.

How would closing the TN wineries affect the state of TN?
In a report done by MKF Research in 2007, the TN wine industry supports over 1600 full time jobs and has a positive economic impact in TN worth over $140 million! Closing the wineries would result in a huge negative ripple effect of lost jobs and lost revenue.

So, the TN Legislature wants to fix this, right?
We hope so! However, when it comes to passing new legislation, NOTHING is ever easy or "taken for granted". This issue seems easily fixed, but we have to get the word out and explain to our legislators why they have to pass these bills SOON!

Why are there TWO bills - HB1549 and SB0944?
Both bills say the same thing. The bills must pass by a majority vote of BOTH the TN House of Representatives and the TN Senate, then signed into law by the Governor. Thus, bills get introduced to both governing bodies, but not usually with the same number.

If this issue is so critical, why is the general public just now hearing about it?
This situation began with the Court decision on October 24, 2008. Elections then occurred Nov. 4, and the current TN General Assembly (Legislature) did not begin session until last month. Thus, it took until now for the TN wine industry to decide how to address the problem, propose legislation, find sponsors in the TN House and Senate, and get the bills introduced. Now comes the most critical step: getting the bills passed into law (i.e. getting TN legislators to vote "yes")!

Why isn't this getting much coverage in the Tennessee media?
The word is just now getting out - now that the winery bills have been filed and the issue is high priority. There has been some recent media attention, including last week on Nashville's WKRN News2 , and the lead story last night on Nashville's 10pm WSMV Channel 4 news. TN winery websites will soon be posting this info...and you are welcome to join this "cause" on Search facebook causes for "Save TN Wineries".

How can someone like me help?
TN legislators represent the people of make your voices heard! If you don't already know your State Representative or State Senator, go to to find them. Then contact them (via phone or email) and ask them to support TN wineries by voting yes on House Bill 1549 and Senate Bill 0944.

Also, please contact Gov. Phil Bredesen's office and ask him to support these bills as well. Govenor Bredesen can be reached at 615-741-2001 and

Could Tennessee Wineries get shut down?

The STATE of TENNESSEE was sued in Federal Court over direct wine shipping rights.

The 6th Circuit Court upheld Tennessee’s ban on shipping wine. However, while reviewing Tennessee’s wine laws, the Court declared parts of the Tennessee Winery Law unconstitutional. The Court is demanding changes to the TN Grape and Winery Law.

The Tennessee Farm Wineries Association (TFWA) has introduced bills in the TN Legislature to fix the unconstitutional language in Tennessee's Grape and Wine Law per the US 6th Circuit Court ruling. House Bill 1549 and Senate Bill 0944 will fix these constitutional problems and allow TN wineries to continue operating just as they have for the last 30 years.

Without this new legislation, TN wineries will probably be forced to close their doors by the Federal Court, leading to the loss of over 1600 jobs and the loss of over $140 Million of positive economic impact in TN.

PLEASE contact your TN Representative and TN Senator and ask them to CO-SPONSOR HB1549/SB0944. This is CRITICAL for the survival of the TN Wine Industry!

Also, PLEASE contact Gov. Phil Bredesen's office and ask him to speak up and support TN Law and Tennessee's response to the US 6th Circuit Court decision.

Your expediency is crucial! These bills are moving QUICKLY through the TN Legislature.

To find out who your state legislators are, go to:

Gov. Bredesen can be reached at:
Governor's Office
Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243-0001
Phone: 615.741.2001
Fax: 615.532.9711

Chef Frank Stitt visits Nashville today for a cooking demo and book signing

The legendary Frank Stitt is coming to Nashville for a cooking demo and book signing at Williams-Sonoma in the Mall at Green Hills.
Be sure to pick up a copy of his new book "Bottega Favorita, A Southern Chef's Love Affair with Italian Food" ($40), his new cookbook of Southern-tinged Italian dishes, two cuisines he feels share the commonality of bringing out the best of the most simple ingredients.
The demo and book signing is at 1 p.m. Feb. 27 at Williams-Sonoma (the Mall at Green Hills, 2126 Abbott Martin Road). Call 292-5066.

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores - February 27

High Scores:

Fish, Wangs and Thangs
2510 Murfreesboro Road
Date Inspected: 2/20/2009
Score: 92

Grassmere Grille Kebab
3802 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 2/20/2009
Score: 92

Low Scores:

There are no low scores.


There are no updates.

Franck on a Friday

César Franck 1822 - 1890

Wrote much organ music and a very famous symphony. Sir Frederic Ashton choreographed a beautiful ballet to his “Symphonic Variations”.

Helicopter String Quartet - Karlheinz Stockhausen

Daniel Auber - La muette de Portici - "Amis, le soleil va paraitre" (Alfredo Kraus)

Daniel François Auber 1782-1871

Feel Good Friday - AIR - LE SOLEIL EST PRES DE MOI (1999) - dir. Mike Mills

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nashville Airport Earns Awards for Concessions and Customer Service

Many elements of Nashville International Airport’s (BNA) recent terminal renovation project, as well as the airport’s ongoing exemplary customer service, garnered top honors from Airport Revenue News, a leading concessions trade publication. BNA earned awards for the Best Concessions Management Team; Airport with the Best Customer Service; and Airport with the Most Unique Services, all in the medium airport division, in the Airport Revenue News’ 2009 Best Airport & Concession Awards.

“These industry awards provide tangible affirmation that our recent terminal upgrades have enhanced the BNA team’s ability to provide the Nashville Airports Experience to our passengers and customers,” said Raul Regalado, president & CEO of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA). “We remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence in providing premier facilities and services to travelers.”

Visit to learn more about the Nashville Airport.

Tin Roof moves to Lexington, Kentucky

The Tin Roof restaurant is opening in Lexington, Kentucky on March 2. I think it is so interesting how the food, faces and culture has begun to move around the country and bring a little bit of Nashville to other areas of the country.

The Tin Roof, which has locations in Nashville and Franklin, Tenn., is a restaurant, bar and stage where singers and small musical groups entertain.

Read the entire story in the Ky Kernel news.

Wagner on a Wednesday- Das Rheingold

Das Rheingold

Friday, February 20, 2009

Faure on a Friday

Gabriel Faure': Pavane, Op. 50 - Paintings By Claude Monet

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Nashville Airport construction

Beginning today, the temporary two-lane Ring Road will be reduced to a single lane in one stretch through the long-term parking lot to install a utility duct bank across the road. Depending on weather, this lane reduction may continue for up to one week. Ring Road is the one-way road that surrounds Nashville International Airport's short- and long-term parking facilities and offers access to the terminal.

In addition, the entrance and exit to the long-term parking lot will be impacted with upcoming construction.

Nashville International Airport passengers and guests are advised to watch

for construction detour signage, reduce speed, and stay alert for construction workers.

Temporarily, no cell phone/waiting area is available. If waiting for arriving passengers, you may use either the 10-minute waiting area outside the baggage claim area or the short-term parking garage.

The terminal entrance off of Donelson Pike, nearest I-40 and adjacent to the Economy Parking Lot, is temporarily closed. Drivers can still access the Economy Parking Lot from Donelson Pike, but terminal access from that entrance has been closed. NOTE: The main airport entrance off of Donelson Pike, adjacent to the Long-term Parking Lot, remains open

Visit the Nashville International Airport website for more information.

Number of Tennessee farms declining

Story from WSMV news in Nashville...

According to new census numbers, the number of farms in Tennessee is in serious decline, forcing farmers to look to produce different crops.

Figures show the number of farms in Tennessee has shrunk by 9 percent during a five-year census study.

Farmer Bob Strasser isn't surprised by the figures because the workdays are long, tough and dealing with unpredictable weather is risky business.

Agriculture officials said many farms have closed as part of tobacco settlements. The drought, rising costs and urban sprawl also played a part in the decline.

Farmers today are now looking to the future. What is food today could be fuel tomorrow.
Read the entire story at WSMV.

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores- February 18

High Scores:

E. Milanos Pizzeria
6601 Sugar Valley Drive
Date Inspected: 2/11/2009
Score: 93

Foxs Pizza Den
2828 Elm Hill Pike
Date Inspected: 2/10/2009
Score: 93

House of Hickory
1107 Dickerson Road
Date Inspected: 2/9/2009
Score: 95

Sonic Drive-In
1906 Charlotte Avenue
Date Inspected: 2/10/2009
Score: 94

Taco Bell
2101 Metro Center Blvd
Date Inspected: 2/13/2009
Score: 95

3419 Lebanon Road
Date Inspected: 2/13/2009
Score: 94

Low Scores:

There are no low scores.


There are no updates.

Wagner on a Wednesday; The Flying Dutchman,Overture

Wagner...Powerful music with grace and beauty!

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Grand opening of the American Bistro

Photo courtesy of Amy Ellis and the Franklin Favorite

Great day to finally enjoy the grand opening of the restaurant. That is me in the middle cutting the ribbon.

American Bistro
4000 Nashville Highway
Franklin, Kentucky

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keith Urban turns Daytona 500 into "Days of Thunder from Down Under"

Country music star Keith Urban performed a surprise two-song set for reporters to kick off his day at the Daytona 500, where he was the featured artist for Sunday's pre-race concert.

"First time playing a press room," he quipped before launching into "Sister Golden Hair" by America.

Read the entire story about Keith and the race HERE.

Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville to spend millions on renovations

Hard Rock Cafe is planning an estimated $4 million renovation of its downtown Nashville restaurant, turning its second floor into a music venue for live shows or parties.

There is a nice story about this in the Nashville Business Journal.

Justin Spears- singer

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nashville Restaurants Health Inspections Scores- February 11

High Scores:

Applebees Restaurant
2401 Music Valley Drive
Date Inspected: 2/5/2009
Score: 94

414 S. Gallatin Road
Date Inspected: 2/4/2009
Score: 97

Low Scores:

There are no low scores.


There are no updates.

Full Moon Tattoo Festival 2009

The 8th Annual Nashville Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival
April 24-26th 2009
Nashville Airport Mariott

Wagner on a Wednesday

Die Walküre: "The Ride of the Valkyries" (Boulez)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tchaikovsky on a Thursday- 1812 Overture

Performed by the Berlin Philharmonic with Seiji Ozawa conducting.

Ghandi quote

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.Learn as if you were to live forever."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Nashville restaurant health inspection scores, February 5

High Scores:

4662 Lebanon Road
Date Inspected: 1/30/2009
Score: 97

1001 Thompson Place
Date Inspected: 1/29/2009
Score: 95

El Rey Mexican Restaurant
138 2nd Avenue North
Date Inspected: 1/27/2009
Score: 96

4205 Nolensville
Date Inspected: 1/26/2009
Score: 95

Rainforest Cafe Restaurant
353 Opry Mills Drive
Date Inspected: 1/29/2009
Score: 95

317-B Harding Place
Date Inspected: 1/28/2009
Score: 98

802 Vantage Way
Date Inspected: 1/27/2009
Score: 95

Low Scores:

There are no low scores available.


There are no updates available.

How to make moonshine "Thirsty Thursday"

Barney Barnwell talks about himself and his "business."

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Wagner on a Wednesday

Great music to stimulate the mind. Calm and tranquil on the surface and yet you feel the power that moves underneath. That is the beauty and power of Richard Wagner's music.

Enjoy this "Wagner on a Wednesday" moment.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Great quotes about unemployment

"Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden."
-Orson Scott Card

We believe that if men have the talent to invent new machines that put men out of work, they have the talent to put those men back to work.
-John F. Kennedy

The hardest work in the world is being out of work.
-Whitney Young, Jr.

Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is.
-William E. Barrett

Thanks to Dan Miller for these.

Arcese Quarter Horses USA reach a milestone

Arcese Quarter Horses USA, of Weatherford, TX, became NRHA's third Million Dollar Owner with horses surpassing the million-dollar mark with earnings accumulated at the 2008 Italian Futurity and 2008 NRHA Futurity & NAAC Show.

Read more HERE.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Will Gaylord Entertainment headquarters leave Nashville?

It is a possibility but no one knows yet. The article in the Nashville City Paper gives us a good perspective of the possibilities and the changes we have seen in Nashville business over the years.
Read the article in the Nashville City Paper by clicking HERE.

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Nashville Trivia winner... part 2

Lynda has won the Nashville hat with the answer 1,352. Congrats to Lynda and stay tuned to Webbspun Ideas for more trivia in the future.

Judith Martin quote

We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society.
- Judith Martin

The winner of the "Don't Trash the Nash" bag is...

Teri P. is the winner of the "Don't Trash the Nash" bag. She had the correct answer about Nashville.
The question was "What former Nashville restaurant shared the same name as a famous Dudley Moore movie? The answer was "Arthur."
Thanks to everyone who submitted answers. Keep looking for more to come in the future.