Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walking around the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth, Germany

Visit Festspielhaus to learn more about this wonderful place.

New state law gives Metro authority to hike hotel tax

Thanks to a newly passed state law, the Metro Council will have the authority to raise the city’s hotel tax 50 cents per room to create a tourism development fund designed to attract and keep major events.

This year, the state Legislature approved and Gov. Phil Bredesen signed into law a bill that permits Metro to increase its hotel privilege tax from $2 to $2.50 per occupied room.

The estimated $2.5 million to $3.5 million raised from that 50-cent increase will go into a Music City “Event and Marketing Fund,” which will be used for promoting tourism.

Walt Baker, the chief executive officer of the Greater Nashville Hotel & Lodging Association, said the new fund must go toward major events that have at least a $5 million economic impact on the city, such as the upcoming CMA Fest.

Read the complete story in the Nashville City Paper.

2008 NRBC to air on Wide World of Horses on RFD-TV

Excitement and anticipation filled the arena as run after polished run was made at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy Texas. The 2008 National Reining Breeders Classic was a show no one wanted to miss.

Watching Shawn Flarida and Mandy McCutcheon earn the top two spots in the Open and Non Pro divisions, Topsail Whiz becoming the first NRBC Million Dollar Sire, Brent Wright earn Million Dollar National Reining Horse Association Status, and KR Lil Conquistador become the highest money earning horse in NRHA history made the day of many reining fans.

Luckily, those highlights and moments can be seen again when the NRBC airs on Wide World of Horses on RFD-TV June 2 and June 30.

Read the entire story in the Equestrian Mag.

Shawn Flarida

Free Wine Tasting today at Vinea

Today from 2-5 at Corrieri's Formaggeria (1110 Caruthers Avenue, behind Vinea) to enjoy excellent wines from Sicily.

MandraRossa produces estate-bottled wines near the historic town of Menfi, in Sicily's southwestern corner.

These wines continue the ancient tradition of winemaking on Sicily, and showcase the great quality of wines produced from a variety of grapes.

Taste a range of MandraRossa wines, all perfect for summer grilling. And they're all great values at $10.99 each.

- Chardonnay -
Full-bodied, textured and dry with balanced acidity. This wine offers a structured palate with peach, apple and lemon characteristics and a fresh acidity.

Enjoy with chicken, pork, salmon and mild cheeses.

- Pinot Grigio-Grecanico -
An excellent full-bodied white wine. Fresh fruit flavors, reminiscent of melon,
papaya, grapefruit and lime, lead to a crisp, dry, uplifting finish.

Serve with shellfish, fish steaks, pan-fried chicken and veal. Also a masterful pairing with robust, slightly spicy pasta dishes in the Sicilian style, as well as artichoke and asparagus dishes. An excellent and original match with Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine.

- Fiano -
Medium bodied and dry with elegant balance. The fruit and citrus aromas on the nose evolve on the palate in an array of fruit flavors.

This wine is a perfect wine for grilling season! Enjoy with chicken, fish and grilled vegetables.

- Nero d'Avola -
This native grape produces "the Godfather of Sicilian red wines." Smooth, with black cherry and licorice.

Try this with rich pasta dishes, grilled red meats, and spicy cheeses.

- Shiraz -
This wine offers jammy fruit and nice tannins with a smooth finish.

Break out your favorite Sicilian recipe for this one! Great with pizza, grilled tuna steaks, and pastas with red sauce.

We saw Phil Vassar yesterday at SATCO

We stopped in at San Antonio Taco Company near Vanderbilt yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful day and good food. While we were there a guy walked out onto the deck and who would it be but Phil Vassar.

Just another Nashville moment and another reason I love this city!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Western Son" by Garrett Parris

Spanish Rose by Garrett Parris

Jennifer Stokes performing at Horses, Roses and Juleps 2008

Word is out..."Friendliness is contagious in this music city"

photo courtesy of Corey Webb

“People will strike up conversations with you anywhere and at any time! Whenever we are at a grocery store, a coffee shop, a convenience store, pumping gas or even stopped at a red light, it’s not uncommon for someone to say hi and ask how you’re doing today.
— Joe Burton and Shandy Burton, Nashville real estate brokers

Read more about Nashville and the other four friendliest cities at MSNBC.

Southwest Airlines will not charge for two checked bags

Southwest Airlines said it doesn't plan to charge passengers to check up to two bags on flights.

The Dallas, Texas-based carrier issued the statement in response to a New York Times article that said Southwest was considering matching a fee American Airlines Inc. will begin imposing on June 15.

Fort Worth, Texas-based American Airlines on Wednesday said it plans to charge passengers on discounted fares $15 each way to check their first bag.
Read the rest of the story in the Nashville Business Journal.

"Forever" by Garrett Parris and Jennifer Stokes

At Horses, Roses and Juleps 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores May 28-June 3


La Plaza Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
319-C Harding Place
Date Inspected: 05-19-08
Score: 93

Chicago Style Gyros
900 Rosa Parks Blvd
Date Inspected: 5-20-08
Score: 96

K & F Cafe
324 S. Gallatin Road
Date Inspected: 5-22-08
Score: 95

900 Rosa Parks Blvd
Date Inspected: 5-20-08
Score: 95


Golden Corral
315 Old Lebanon Road
Date Inspected: 5-19-08
Score: 51
Major Violations:
· Raw beef patties in cooler on hot bar station are out of temperature
· Cold water turned off at hand-sink on grill line
· Raw beef stored in cooler in salad bar area is out of temperature
· Raw fish on grill-line is out of temperature


No updates for this week.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blackberry cheesecake ice cream

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons lemon zest
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 quart Purity buttermilk
Fresh blackberries

Combine sugar, juice, zest, salt and buttermilk in a large bowl and stir until sugar dissolves. Chill thoroughly, then freeze in ice cream freezer according to manufacturer's directions. When ready to serve, scoop into parfait glasses and top with fresh blackberries.

Yield: 6-8 servings.

Find more good Tennessee recipes for summer at Pick Tn Products recipes.

Strawberry lemonade recipe for those hot days of summer

1 quart strawberries, hulled and halved
1 cup fresh lemon juice
4 cups sugar
Cold water
Lemon slices and whole strawberries for garnish

Place berries in a large saucepan with lemon juice and sugar. Bring to a boil and cook, stirring until sugar dissolves. Let cool. Strain, pressing with the back of a large spoon to extract juice. Strain again and transfer to refrigerator and chill. Mix 1 part strawberry syrup with 3 parts water, Pour over ice and garnish.

Yield: 10 servings.

Find more great Tennessee recipes at Pick Tn Products.

See the Nashville Symphony for free

Symphony in the Park concerts.

June 11 at East Park
June 17 and June 24 at Centennial Park
June 25 at Lafayette’s Key Park
July 2 at Schermerhorn Symphony Center
July 4 at Riverfront Park as part of the Fourth of July festivities.

Visit Nashville Symphony or call 687-6500 for more info.

Jay Leno tells Detroit to make better cars

"It ain't that hard folks -- make better cars." That's the word aimed at Detroit from Jay Leno, the late-night television host and avid hands-on car nut. According to Leno, nobody builds trucks as well as Americans, as he cites the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado as examples. Same goes with performance cars. "The Corvette Z06 has 505 horsepower, comes with a big warranty, and can hit 200 miles per hour. It weighs almost exactly the same as a half-million-dollar Porsche Carrera GT and gets higher mileage - 26 miles per gallon," states Leno.
Leno suggests that Detroit follow the example of Harley-Davidson, which turned around its quality-control problems and re-established itself as a market leader. Leno adds, "I believe that, all things being equal, Americans will buy American. It just has to be as good as the competition; it doesn't have to be better."

Read the entire article in the AutoBlog

Jay Leno with a Corvette

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vince Young Party Picture Apology

Today, Titans quarterback Vince Young apologized to children who may have seen shirtless pictures of him in a bar, including one where he appears to drink liquor straight from the bottle. Even so, he doesn't believe he did anything wrong:

"I apologize to some of the kids if they did see it because I am trying to be a role model for them. But at the same time, I was just trying to have fun with (friends). That is the life of a quarterback, somebody of my status. I guess somebody was trying to make some money and sold the picture to the web site. But at the same time that is the life I chose to live. But it is not going to stop me from having fun. I just have to watch myself. They always want to try and get some negative pub on me. It wasn't really nothing bad. ... Everybody deserves to have a good time every once in a while during the offseason."

And when he says "every once in a while," I'm guessing his definition is different than most people's. Below the gallery is a selection of six Vince Young birthday party links (and pictures) from just last weekend hosted by a promotion group called "inDmix."

Read the entire story in the Las-Vegas Review Journal.

Take a drive through the Tennessee countryside

Webbspun Ideas has a travel story created via MadLibs

Mutt is a dumb dog!!! to leave Shania for Marie-Anne

Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a 37-year-old woman who previously worked as secretary and house manager in Switzerland for Shania Twain and husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange, says she is not the cause of the couple's marital problems. A spokesman for the singer's record label last week confirmed that Twain and Lange, her producer and co-writer, are separating after 14 years of marriage. Contacted in Switzerland by E! News, Thiébaud said, "When marriages break up, they break up for all sorts of complicated reasons -- it's never just one reason. And those reasons should be kept private." She added, "If you're looking for a person that broke up a marriage, then you have the wrong person. I'm not that person." Lange has also denied that Thiébaud was the source of the couple's personal problems.

Read the rest of the story at CMT.

The news of domestic unrest in Shania Twain's life is troubling. If the Shania Twain-Robert "Mutt' Lange split is permanent, it will be a monumental creative divorce. Maybe not a pairing and subsequent split-up on the order of Lennon-McCartney, but, nevertheless, the Twain-Lange musical partnership remains the most successful collaboration ever in country music history. Together, they built a country music edifice like no other.

Visit CMT to read more of the story.

Hooters girls show their teats in Las Vegas

Read the story by Doug Elfman in the Las Vegas Review Journal.
Check out the story and see some nice pictures of some lovely ladies in Las Vegas.

Here is the man behind the story....Doug Elfman.

66% of you all have already changed your driving habits due to the cost of gas

This is the results from my recent poll on gas prices and how it affects your driving.
~Corey Webbspun

What price of fuel will make you change what and how you drive?

$4.00 (4%)
$5.00 (12%)
$6.00 (0%)
I've already changed what I drive (4%)
I've already changed how I drive (66%)
The price doesn't affect me (12%)

In honor of Memorial Day weekend....I am reposting this about the 100th Bombers Group

I posted this back in September but I wanted to show it again to honor these men on Memorial Day weekend.
~Corey Webbspun

These amazing men stayed at our hotel recently and they told stories of their time in the war and they had pictures and books that were written by men involved in the battles and flying these missions that most of us would wimp out over.

I have to agree with Tom Brokaw, that this was the "greatest generation." Thank you gentlemen for your service and love for our great nation.

7 APR 1945 Buchen -- one of the last raids on Germany and on the crews 25th mission, the aircraft 43-38514, "E-Z GOIN'" was involved in a mid-air collision with an ME-109. Crew managed to bomb target and return to Thorpe Abbotts despite the loss of parts of the vertical fin and the horizontal stabilizer. This is the aircraft pictured on the front cover of "CENTURY BOMBERS" by Le Strange and Brown.

I met Rob Larsen, sone of Norm Larsen, while at the hotel and he is so passionate about these guys and their stories. Great people and I plan to buy a book soon with more info about them.

Orkestra Mondo Pingus is playing tonight!!! I love these guys and haven't seen them since the 90's...Don't miss it

Metropolitan Nites Speed Dating, followed by Orkestra Mondo Pingus
9 p.m. at Mercy Lounge
One Cannery Row

After the ACM Country Music Awards in Las Vegas

Both pictures from j. bilde at the Tennessean newspaper.

Group photo from Sony BMG Nashville's post-ACM Awards artist and staff dinner at the Cili Golf Country Club in Las Vegas

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Inspection Scores May 21-27


300 20th Avenue South
Date Inspected: 05-15-08
Score: 96

Alexander’s Cafe
511 Union Street
Date Inspected: 5-13-08
Score: 91

Corner Pub In the Woods
8058 Hwy 100
Date Inspected: 5-13-08
Score: 90

The Veggie Cafe
1601 Riverside Drive
Date Inspected: 5-14-08
Score: 90

7097 Old Harding Road
Date Inspected: 5-16-08
Score: 90


No Low Scores for the Previous Week


Provence Bread & Café
1705 21st Avenue South
Passed Reinspection

321 W. Trinity Lane
Passed Reinspection

Nashville International Airport is ranked sixth in customer satisfaction

Nashville International Airport's sixth-place ranking came in the small airport category, which includes airports that serve less than 10 million passengers per year. The airport's satisfaction index score was 691, based on a 1,000-point scale.

The Nashville airport was bested by Dallas Love Field, which scored a 709, enough to land in the top spot in satisfaction in the small-airport category. Houston Hobby International was second with 700 points, San Antonio International was third with 699, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International was fourth with 698 points and El Paso International was fifth with 693 points.

Read the entire story in the Nashville Business Journal.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Corey shares some thoughts about the cost of fuel and how it affects travel

Hobo Film Festival is on tour

I always wanted to hop on a train and see the country in the true hobo way but I never did. I would love to see the film from Shawn Lukitsch and to see what he has to offer. I hope someone makes it to one of his showings and gives me a full review of the film.
~Corey aka C.S. Webbspun

Photo is from the New York Times

For nearly as long as rail lines have crisscrossed the country, there have been stories about wanderers covertly climbing aboard train cars and riding away from problems or speeding toward some glimmering promise on the horizon.

The paths of train hoppers, tramps, hobos and travelers, looking for work, adventure or merely free transportation, have been recorded in lyrics and in literature. Jack Kerouac, Jack London and John Steinbeck have written about them. They have populated the songs of Merle Haggard
and Woody Guthrie.

More recently, filmmakers have documented the experience of riding the rails across the country’s varied terrain. And some of those works were recently screened in a storefront community center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, as part of a traveling cinematic exhibition called the Hobo Film Festival, which is progressing from state to state by way of a $200 Toyota station wagon driven by a 31-year-old train hopper from Asheville, N.C., named Shawn Lukitsch.

Read the entire story in the New York Times.


Here are some hobo markings and what they mean

I made this before the awards last night but didn't get it posted...enjoy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Country Stars descend on Las Vegas

(Photo is from Ana Dobrijevic/Cirque du Soleil)

Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson and Ronnie Dunn with the cast of "Love" at the Mirage hotel Saturday night.

Carrie Underwood went to see Cher's show at Caesars Palace on Saturday night.

Toby Keith was spotted in Pure in Caesars Palace and at Simon at the Palms hotel.

Justin Timberlake was spotted at Mix Lounge in Mandalay Bay with Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts.

Kenny Chesney was spotted with his girlfriend and family Friday dining at Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel. Later, at Charlie Palmer Steak in Mandalay Bay, he joined Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler and Flatts singing Jackson Browne, Elton John and Billy Joel songs.

Toby Keith, partying with friends at Studio 54 in the MGM Grand.

Read more about the star filled weekend in the Las-Vegas Review Journal /Norm Clarke.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

3rd & Lindsley Calendar May 18-24

Sunday, May 18
The Last Straw – 8:00 pm
Virginia Coalition – 9:00 pm

Monday,May 19
Sunny Sweeney – 7:30 pm
Katie Herzig, Steven Delopoulos, Julie Lee – 9:30 pm

Tuesday, May 20
The Players
Brent Mason, Michael Rhodes, John Hobbs, Eddie Bayers, Paul Franklin – 9:30 pm

Wednesday, May 21
Garrison Starr w/ Jay Nash – 7:00 pm
The Wooten Brothers – 9:30 pm

Thursday, May 22
Mercy Stevens – 6:00 pm
The Red Stick Ramblers w/ Sarah Siskind – 8:00 pm

Saturday, May 24
Boomerang – 7:00 pm
Chris Janson w/ Josh Byrd – 10:00 pm

Some great horse related stories in the paper today

The gelding we nicknamed Big Brown, in honor of the Kentucky Derby winner, loped off to the far corner of the arena as if he were looking for a place to hide. I exchanged frustrated frowns with my teammate, Shanda Steenburn, a tall, curly-haired nurse and hospital pharmacy manager.

We were participating in an introductory exercise at the Horse Institute in Ancramdale, N.Y. Our assignment was to catch Big Brown, slip a halter over his head and hook him to a lead line.

Our seemingly simple task was proving to be more daunting than either of us had expected. Shanda knew a lot about handling medications for humans but next to nothing about handling horses.

My previous experience with horses was limited and not especially pleasant. I’d taken fewer than a dozen riding lessons during my youth in Texas. The last time I’d been on a horse as an adult, I’d suffered a back injury that took three months to heal.

To make matters worse, Big Brown shared the arena with three other very large and very wary steeds: a white one, a second brown one and one with a mottled brown and white coat, a breed called a paint. Three pairs of nurses who worked with Shanda at Columbia Memorial Hospital in nearby Hudson, N.Y., were simultaneously trying to catch and halter those horses. But instead of cooperating, the paint, the white and the second brown kept darting away and huddling with Big Brown.

Suddenly, Big Brown separated from the herd and walked toward me. I patted his neck and stroked his face, cooing sweet nothings in his ear for at least a minute. Shanda handed me a halter. As if on cue, Big Brown bolted away again.

Read the entire story HERE.

A thoroughbred named Tchaikovsky, a grandson of Secretariat, was having a tooth pulled in one stall. A horse in another was given a sponge bath. Out the stable door, about a dozen horses shared a sun-lit field.

Somewhere, far out of sight if not entirely out of mind, countless other former racehorses were on their way to being slaughtered.

“I struggle with it,” Diana Koebel said. She is the owner and trainer here at LumberJack Farm, one of hundreds of horse farms around the country helping rescue and rehabilitate thoroughbreds considered too slow or damaged to be worth anything more than horse meat. The rescuers cannot keep up.

“Are we really helping?” Koebel asked as she stood in a stable stall. “I know we are, and every one counts, but it’s overwhelming at points. Can we really fix this industry?”

LumberJack Farm works with a nonprofit organization called ReRun, which prepares discarded racehorses for a second career — as jumping show horses, maybe, or just as pets — and then makes them available for adoption. ReRun annually places about 40 thoroughbreds once destined for the slaughterhouse.

Read the entire story HERE.

Take the "Nashville Experience" walking tour and enhance your CMA Music Festival Experience

This walking tour takes you around downtown Nashville to show what it really is all about.

We will taste local foods, hear live music, admire beautiful architecture and see historical places. With this tour I want to show you the uniqueness of my city and show you all the things that will make you fall in love with it and understand what makes this city such a desirable place to visit and live.

Some of the culinary options include bar-b-que, sushi, pizza, a hot brown sandwich, sweet potato fries, chocolates, pralines and more.

Approx. 4 hours in length

$30.00 per person up to 5 people per tour
(food, tips, and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price.)

To make a reservation or for more information, email me at
and put "Nashville Experience" in the subject line for more information.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores May 14-20


Goten Restaurant
1719 West End Avenue
Date Inspected: 05-07-08
Score: 96

Fish, Wings and Things
249 Hermitage Avenue
Date Inspected: 5-09-08
Score: 95

Lazzaroli Pasta
1314 5th Avenue North
Date Inspected: 5-07-08
Score: 95

Jack in the Box
1000 Capitol Funds Court
Date Inspected: 5-05-08
Score: 90

Picnic Café
4320 Harding Road
Date Inspected: 5-08-08
Score: 90


Provence Bread & Café
1705 21st Avenue South
Date Inspected: 5-06-08
Score: 47
Major Violations:
· Chicken salad sandwiches in reach-in cooler @ 58. Must be 41 or below
· Mashed potatoes in display cooler reading 48. Must be cooled to 41 before placing in display cooler
· Poached salmon salad reading 48.
· No sanitizer in dish-machine

321 W. Trinity Lane
Date Inspected: 5-05-08
Score: 55
Major Violations:
· Evidence of mice; droppings underneath food bar in cabinets
· Potato salad, cottage cheese, and ham all out of temperature on the food bar
· Baked chicken on tray in walk-in cooler is out of temperature


King Market
1801 Antioch Pike
Passed Reinspection

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sweet sorghum as the next great fuel?

Pass the biscuits and fill up the car.... ~Corey

The hardy sweet sorghum plant could be the miracle crop that provides cheap animal feed and fuel without straining the world's food supply or harming the environment, said scientists working on a pilot farming project in India.

"We consider sweet sorghum an ideal 'smart crop' because it produces food as well as fuel," William Dar, Director General of the non-profit International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) said in a statement.

Sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is the world's fifth largest grain crop after rice, corn, wheat and barley.

Read the entire story HERE.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bluebird Cafe Calendar May 11-17

Sunday, May 11
Writers Night with special guest Don Wayne
no cover

Monday, May 12
Mike Henderson Band with Willie Domann and Kevin McKendree

Tuesday, May 13
A Cheap Date with Don Schlitz

Wednesday, May 14
In The Round with Mark Germino, Tony Arata, John Scott Sherrill and Vince Gill

Thursday, May 15
Amilia K. Spicer and Meg Hutchinson Open For An Evening With John Gorka

Friday, May 16
An Evening with Gary Burr and Randy Hart

Saturday, May 17
9:30 In The Round with Lari White, Leslie Satcher, Scotty Emerick, Anthony Smith and special guests - A Benefit for the YMCA

Matt and Linda singing at the Kentucky Derby party

Visit Linda Edwards to hear more of her music.

Visit Matt to hear more.

3rd & Lindsley Calendar May 11-17

Sunday, May 11
Aaron Robinson – 8:00 pm
Jeremy Lister – 9:00 pm

Monday, May 12
Amanda Shaw and Rachael Sage – 7:00 pm
The Mother Truckers – 9:30 pm

Tuesday, May 13
Hannah McNeil – 6:00 pm
JD Simo – 7:30 pm
Jared Johnson, Wild Honey, and Micheal Krejci – 9:00 pm

Wednesday, May 14
Larry Crowley – 6:00 pm
Lydia Salnikova – 7:30 pm
The Wooten Brothers – 9:30 pm

Thursday, May 15
Down The Line – 6:00 pm
Matt Warren and Friends – 7:30 pm
Crystal Thomas, Dabney Morris, Dawson Wells – 9:30 pm

Friday, May 16
Patty Larkin – 7:00 pm
The Midnight Riders-Allman Brothers Revue – 9:30 pm

Saturday, May 17
Lani Nash CD Release – 7:00 pm
The Bella Bash Benefit
Reggie Hamm, Mila Mason, Mike Reed, Luke Brown, and many more – 9:00 pm

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Tickets to Bonnaroo 2008 and 2009

- 2 tickets to Bonnaroo 2008
- OurStage Tent
- Free downloads of live Bonnaroo shows
- Free DJ Lessons
- $500 Travel Budget
- AND 2 tickets to Bonnaroo 2009!!!

Visit OurStage to learn more and to sign up.

Death Star in Dubai?

OMA's Ras al Khaimah Convention and Exhibition Centre

Note: gravestmor suggests that it is not modeled on the deathstar, but on a Panasonic radio from 1972, five years before the first Star Wars movie, calling it "the little Japanese radio that could."

"Boys of Summer" by Garrett Parris and Friends

"Forever" by Garrett Parris and Jennifer Stokes

Weasel and the Witch

Hot Brown sandwich schedule

Ronnie Tidwell performing at the Horses, Roses and Juleps party

Horses in the pasture

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Before He Cheats by Jennifer Stokes at my Ky. Derby party

Margaritaville by Jennifer Stokes, Garrett Parris and Justin Spears


This was at the Kentucky Derby party that we had. It was a great time for everyone and we just had lots of fun.

Visit Justin Spears' website to hear more.

Visit Jennifer Stokes' website to hear more.

Visit Garret Parris' website to hear more.

3rd & Lindsley Calendar- May 4-10

Sunday, May 4
Pricilla Ahn – 8:00 pm
Elizabeth Cook – 9:00 pm

Monday, May 5
Natalie Stovall – 7:30 pm
The Wickersham Bros. and Stonehoney – 9:30 pm

Tuesday, May 6
Jeff Allen w/Lauren Rainey – 7:00 pm
Baumer w/ Indian Penny and Finnegan Bell – 9:30 pm

Wednesday, May 7
George Ducas – 6:00 pm
The Wooten Brothers – 9:30 pm

Thursday, May 8
Livin In The Music Benefit
Minnie Murphey, Julia Othmer, Mattina Scarpino, Hunter Deslatte, Beverly Pendley, Don, Pendley, Kendall Morgan, Billy Falcon, Rose Falcon– 6:00 pm
Jot Tucker and Casey Rivers – 9:30 pm

Friday, May 9
JJ Appleton and Audrey Spillman open – 8:00 pm
Kentucky Thunder featuring Jonell Mosser, Etta Britt, Sheila Lawrence, Vicki Carrico – 10:00 pm

Saturday, May 10
Pat Buchanan – 7:00 pm
The Empires – 10:00 pm
The Empires featuring John Cowan, Tom Britt, Billy Thomas and Jim Hoke, are a group of four session singers and musicians who can drop names with the best of em. They have worked and recorded with hundreds between them. Together they play an eclectic mixture of songs and instrumentals of their own choosing.

Entrance to the "stage" at the Kentucky Derby party

Derby Girl