Sunday, November 26, 2006

WarBird Skyventures

The next time you are in Nashville and looking for something truly different to do....I mean something that your friends can't imagine doing. If that is what you are looking for than give the folks at Warbird Skyventures a shout. They have a variety of plane types and offer just basic flying or aerobatics for a little more money. You can have a flight of 15 minutes or go up to 60 minutes and see the Tennessee countryside and enjoy the thrills of flying in vintage planes. The age limits are 10- 100 and the customer weight limit is 350 lbs. Be sure to check out the Pilot Shop for all kinds of souvenirs and mementos.

They are available to fly all Saturdays in December and also December 28-30
Nashville, TN
Sumner County Airport
AT-6 & Aeronca Champ

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