Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tasting Baumbach Wines this weekend

Vinea has something special this week, particularly for those of us in Nashville. They will showcase wines from California's Baumbach Winery, a small winery in the Sierra Foothills.

This family-run winery, in a unique part of California outside of the usual wine hotspots, produces excellent wines using traditional old world methods.

The 300-500 cases that Baumbach produces each year are available only in Nashville and Northern California. Meet Rebecca Baumbach Saturday at Corrieri's Formaggeria (12th Avenue South on Caruthers Avenue behind Vinea) from 2 - 5 and sample these excellent wines.

Produced away from California's well-known wine centers of Sonoma and Napa, these wines reflect the terroir of the mountain foothills where the grapes are cultivated.

These reds are a mix of new takes on familiar varietals, and lesser-known varietals that prove their worth.

Zinfandel - $19.99
Zinfandel was likely brought to California by Italian immigrants, and Baumbach Zinfandel is produced from the harvest of only 100 vines.
Great color, a plum nose, and a light vanilla finish.

Charbono - $19.99
Similar to the better-known Dolcetto of Italy's Piemonte region.
Charbono enjoys cult-like devotion in California - taste it to see why!

Aglianico - $21.99
Grown on fewer than 50 acres in California, Aglianico is a dark, bold red.
Blackberry with leather undertones.

Barbera - $22.99
An excellent medium-bodied wi
ne with hints of toasted almond and vanilla.
2410 12th Avenue South
Nashville, Tn 37204

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