Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lewisburg Goat Festival

Another small town in Tennessee that offers a unique little festival that celebrates goats of all kinds but I think the favorite is the fainting goat. They have free music over the weekend, including T. Graham Brown and Highway 101. Craft fair and food booths will be there as well so bring your goat and have a great time.

for official information

To see what it looks like when a goat faints...
Fainting Goat Video

Fainting Goat History

The origin of the Fainting goat has been traced back to the 1880s in Marshall County, Tennessee. A man named Tinsley came to Caney Spring bringing along four “bulgy eyed” goats and a "sacred" cow. He stayed long enough to marry and to help a farmer with the harvest. He sold his goats to Dr. H. H. Mayberry and then departed the community. He took the cow with him but left his wife behind. Today's Fainting goats descended from those few goats. The goats were used primarily for meat, although they were also used to protect sheep. These goats were close to extinction by the 1980s, but they are no longer endangered. Their “stiff-legged” appearance and apparent “fainting” is caused by a neuromuscular condition called Myotonia. This condition does not harm the goat.

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