Monday, October 16, 2006

Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is a wonderful zoo that is about half way through its growth plan, which means we will be seeing many new additions over the next few years. They currently have some visiting Snow leopard cubs and they will be at the zoo until November 1. Also Ghouls at Grassmere is a fun event through the fall and halloween season and will be enjoyed by the whole family. The Gibbons will be one of the first animals that you see and if you are patient enough you will get a hilarious show as they chase each other, hollar and scream. You better hurry if you want to enjoy it before this season is over.

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Summer said...

I've always loved the Nashville Zoo because it's small enough that children can enjoy it and get to see everything without getting tired and cranky. Plus, there is quite a bit of shaded walkways... much nicer than the hot pavement of other zoos.

I'll be at Ghouls at Grassmere a couple times this year in star wars attire. I went last year and had a lot of fun.