Monday, October 16, 2006

The Standard at the Smith House

The Standard at the Smith House is a new restaurant that is in a convenient location and offers really good food in an elegant setting. Located inside a grand, 1840's era townhouse that has a rich and long history. I visited there this past Friday and enjoyed a delicious Southern Hot Brown. It was served open-face with thinly sliced turkey and was covered with a cheesy
Mornay Sauce and garnished with tomato wedges, julienne country ham and comes with homemade kettle chips. We also tried the appetizer of sweet potato fries that came with a ranch and chipotle dipping sauces. The sandwich, the chips and fries were all delicious. The rest of my group tried the club, hot as a wrap, and the chicken salad sandwich. They didn't care for the chips as much but thought the sandwiches were delicious. We met the owner who was very pleasant and our server, Angela, was attentive and had a wonderful personality. I recommend this restaurant very highly.

Also take note of the architecture and the elegant designs of the house. I think you will be very pleased with one of our newest additions to the Nashville culinary landscape.

Brown Hotel in Louisville Kentucky, birthplace to the Hot Brown sandwich.

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