Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vanderbilt Skins the Wildcats

This one surprised me and not because of Vanderbilt winning the game but in their dominance of Kentucky. I listened to it on the radio and I actually had to call a friend to have them turn the game on and verify the score. I'm so proud of the Commodores and hope that they continue to win and impress and go far in March.

Revenge, oddly enough, wasn’t the motivation Vanderbilt took into Tuesday night’s Southeastern Conference matchup with visiting Kentucky.

Embarrassment? That was another story.

Still stinging from their performance in a double-overtime loss in Lexington a month ago — a loss that ended their 16-game season-opening winning streak — the Commodores turned the tables in a big way and sent the Wildcats home on the bad end of a 93-52 beatdown.

Read more in the Tennessean.

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