Sunday, October 07, 2007

Famous People I've Met While Working in a Hotel

Tony Bennet
Great guy and cool as good be but his manager was pretty uptight. Tony was an absolute class act. We talked quite a bit as I escorted him to his room and I loved it.

Bon Jovi
In the early 90's when they still had all the hair and the screaming girls waiting for them. We had to move from one door to the other with the limo and yet the girls still found out where they would be leaving from and showed up in mass.

Garth Brooks
He had attended an ASCAP award program which he was honored at. Brian Romkee and myself had the pleasure of escorting him from the ballroom to his limo via the red carpet. It should have lasted for a couple of minutes but he had so many fans lined up wanting pictures and autographs. He took his time to give autographs and to take pictures

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
Really nice people

Bill Monroe
Very nice man and was honored to know that generations of my family had enjoyed his music.

Bill Clinton
Incredibly dynamic and charming. Coworkers that didn't like him before meeting him, liked him afterwards. Truly one of a kind.

Ralph Nader
I met him in D.C. when he stopped to ask me where he would be speaking in our hotel.

Kofi Annan
Escorted him to a meeting in our hotel in Washington D.C.

Bill Marriott
Truly a gentle giant who cares about his company and the people around him. The reason why his company is so strong and large.

Bob Baffert
The "rock star" of horse trainers. Always has his sunglasses on and swagger.

Willie Shoemaker
Small man in size but a warrior on a horse tracks. The greatest jockey in history.

D. Wayne Lukas
A legend in horse racing and training. Always a presence in the lobby or at the track.

I've met many more... So who have you met and where?

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