Sunday, May 17, 2009

Intro to Wine 101 at Vinea

Vinea City of Wine, Omni Beverage Company & Fido present

Intro to Wine 101

A Beginner's Guide to the History, Styles, and Methods of Wine and Winemaking

No expertise required!


Wednesdays from May 20 - June 24 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Come to one class or attend all six classes.

One class - $25 / Three Classes - $60 / All Six - $100

Classes held at Fido - 1812 21st Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212 - in Hillsboro Village

Email for more info or to RSVP

Week One - Evolution of Wine - May 20
5,000 years ago - Middle East (Persia, Egypt, etc)
2,000 years ago - Roman Empire, wine expansion across Europe
1,000 years ago - Middle Ages, monks reinventing wine
300 years ago - European colonisation, wine to the world
30 years ago - Euro-centric industry
Today - Global industry

Food Focus:
Traditional heritage inspiring today's modern industry. The concept of fusion in food has the same foundations, evolution through traditional inspiration.

Week Two - The Vineyard - May 27
Where are the vineyards? (latitude connection globally)
Stages of growth of vines
Fruit-driven vs Terrior-driven
Trial and error

Food Focus:
Terroir, sense of place, character, inspiration, personal philosophies.

Week Three - The Winery - June 3
White vs Red - difference in fermentation
Malolactic fermentation
Tools - Oak Barrels / Stainless Steel tanks, etc
Balance - Fruit, acid, sugar, tannin, oak

Food Focus:
Playing with elements to achieve harmony. Showcase this with food as well, same concepts apply, different medium.

Week Four - Fruit - June 10
Practical laying out of a whole heap of different fruits and presenting the concept of taking flavors and using them as descriptors to help communicate thoughts on wine.
Describing wine as you would describe a personality.
Building a basic vocabulary to communicate wine.
Freeing up the experience of "talking in wine speak" and giving them a sense of confidence to say whatever comes to mind.

Food Focus:

key flavors matching well with certain food styles (ie Sauv Blanc and sushi! Oh Man!!)

Week Five - Structure - June 17
More in-depth session on this.
Helping people look into a wine's components and make a genuine assessment of its individual parts and how they work together.

Food Focus:
Showcase the same concept with food: breakdown the individual structural elements (flavor, texture, etc) and how they work together.

Week Six - Blending - June 24
The Art of Blending
Single Varietal Blending ("barrel selection")
Multiple Varietal Blending (Bordeaux)
Look at the structural differences of individual varieties and see how they can either complement each other or destroy each other when blended together.

Food Focus:
Blending components with food, how to apply the same idea in the kitchen.

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