Sunday, September 28, 2008

Change and construction at the Nashville International Airport

• Sub-Phase I (Oct. 2008-May 2009): Entrance to/from I-40 – currently one lane each way separated by a median – will shift to two-way traffic on one side of the median. The cell phone/waiting area will move to the current economy parking lot and will increase in size. Ticket spitters for short- and long-term parking lots will move.
• Sub-Phase II (May-July 2009): Ring Road will be extended and routed through current long-term parking lot.
• Sub-Phase III (July-Sept. 2009): Demolition of current cell phone/waiting area; finish roadway tie-ins.

Why are you overhauling the airport’s roads?
TARI will eliminate the need for vehicles to merge and weave through multiple lanes of traffic on Ring Road, and will improve ingress/egress from both I-40 and Donelson Pike.

For up-to-date information on airport construction, please visit and sign up for AIReport, the airport’s e-newsletter. Or, tune in to the airport’s radio station at 1610 AM.

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