Monday, October 22, 2007

Treat, Party of 4 by Sam Davidson

I agree with his point and I have been cutting back on my "eating out" but I can't say that I am ready to make it a "special" event or night only experience. I love getting out there enjoying, eating, drinking, socializing and keeping my local economy and my local businesses running. Cheers to Sam and I hope it works overall.
~C.S. Webbspun

Read below to see what Sam had to say:

Eat out with purpose.

We all like it when someone else cooks our food for us and washes the dishes as well. Such is the advantage of going out to eat. As good as it is, what if we treated restaurants like, well, treats?

By saving our dining out experiences for special occasions and other memorable gatherings, we'll save gas and emissions by not traveling, food that we order but don't eat, and some money, (maybe the best part!) We're not saying you should only eat beans in a can at home, but a week of dining in could really make a difference

I meant to put this link on earlier. My apologies Sam. Please visit Cool People Care to learn more and find some good things to read.


Sam Davidson said...

Mr. CS-

Thanks for the plug! We appreciate it.

And, I agree that restaurants keep our local economy humming. We're just asking people to think about how much eating out they're doing. And, we're definitely all for restaurants that do good in the community.

In fact, my family does Sunday brunch each week. Some think it's overkill, and while definitely not a birthday or anniversary, it is a time for us to see each other and spend time together.

Webbspun Ideas said...

Thanks for coming by Sam. Pleasure visiting and reading your things and much is that book of yours and can I buy it locally?