Monday, October 22, 2007

BIBO Wines, Gauthier Family and So Many Others in the Tennessee Reining Horse Family

We worked, showed and enjoyed a very busy weekend in Murfreesboro. A Tennessee Reining Horse Association show is always fun and becomes more so for me with each show. I know more people, I know the patterns that they have to run better and I learn more with each show.

The scores could have been a little better for us, I could have used a little more rest and would have enjoyed more food but the sights, sounds and yes...even the smells are incredible. I'd say this weekend was a great success, overall.

We spent the weekend getting to know Sylvan Gauthier and the others from the Francois Gauthier Reining folks. We shared some BIBO red and white wines with new and old friends and we had such a great time. Wine truly brings friends together and it helped us this weekend as we all enjoyed the show but also worked hard.

I can't wait til the next one even though I couldn't keep my eyes open last night but now that I am refreshed and rested again...let's go.

BIBO is packaged in a compact, convenient 3L bag-in-box (equal to four 750 ml bottles). It’s easy to carry and pour – no corkscrew needed – and retains its freshness for weeks after opening.

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