Thursday, October 18, 2007

Manuel and Kindergarten Class Compare Bling

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Though he normally spends his time crafting duds for the stars or creating a 50-state series of sparkling jackets, designer Manuel stopped by a kindergarten classroom at Westminster Presbyterian Church last week.

Following a unit in which the students made "Me Vests," Manuel came by on Tuesday, Oct. 9, to showcase some of his own designs and to congratulate students on their creativity in making glittery vests from paper bags.

Manuel came at the request of teacher Jane Brown.

The children's vests told a picture tale of their families and their homes.

They modeled their vests for the designer, who in turn brought his own paper sack creation, complete with a Manuel label inside.

"This one I had to go and catch some butterflies," Manuel said laughing and holding up a floor-length green coat detailed with sparkling butterflies.

"In his designs, they always tell a story," Brown said. "Our vests tell a story, too."

Read the entire story in the Tennessean newspaper. By DANICA WRIGHT BOOTH

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