Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We Bought some Vegas Doorstops

Our hotel decided to buy a couple of the Vegas Doorstops to see how well they work and if they are as good as they sound, I'm sure we will buy more. We even bought holsters for them. *smiles* Yep, it's gonna be like a real wild west hotel with all the bellman packing heat.

Stay tuned to this blog for future updates on how cool these make the bellmen look.

Simplicity is the Key Advantage

With the door straight open to a 90 degree angle or more, place the Door-Pro Doorstop over and onto the middle hinge-pin. Using it on the middle hinge balances the weight of the door. See "How To Size."

The Door-Pro Doorstop is constructed to slide over and onto the top of the hinge-pin and down alongside the hinge plates. The doorway is now easily accessible.

The Door-Pro Doorstop is made only to be used on the hinge-pin.Do not wedge doorstop in door jam.


Anonymous said...

I am a Bellman at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and have been using the Door-Pro Doorstop for two years. Great product and can't wait for the new and improved one to come out.

Bellman, Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Vegas Doorstops, LLC. I happened to take a call from this small start up company a couple of years ago and instantly became fascinated with their new, state of the art, Door-Pro doorstop. After learning more about the product and all of the benefits that come with it versus a standard doorstop, I was more than happy to put them in touch with some key contacts from throughout our company. After a lot of hard work and persistence, Vegas Doorstops, LLC began supplying some of our properties, including the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay Hotels, with the Door-Pro doorstop.
It’s not often that I meet a new supplier for the first time and become as impressed as I was with Vegas Doorstops, LLC. Brian and William are two young men who developed this innovative product based on the years of experience they’ve had providing superior guest service to guests visiting Las Vegas. I would encourage you to take some time to meet with these gentlemen to learn more about he Door-Pro doorstop. If you would like any additional information about Vegas Doorstops, LLC please feel free to contact me.

Mark Stolarczyk
Vice President of Strategic Sourcing

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to send you a note applauding your tool! These door stops are AMAZING!! We use them at our hotels and I travel with one always to show it to those who may not have seen this product.

Suzie Mize
Hilton Hotels

Anonymous said...

We have been using Vegas Doorstops at our property for over a year, and we cannot tell you how pleased we have been with this product. This product fits in perfectly with the "luxury" standards our guests expect. Our employees find the Vegas Doorstops easy to use, and we are able to provide a better "first impression" to our guests because how quick and simple they are to use compared to other traditional door stops. Our bellmen are no longer bending and crouching down to use the door stop in front of our guests, which has reduced fatigue and possibly back injuries. We could not be more pleased with our switch to the Vegas Door Stop product!
Cliff Outlaw

Rooms Manager
Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa
LXR Luxury Resorts

Anonymous said...

We originally ordered the Vegas Door Pro Doorstop because we have a very large - very heavy door that has to be propped open during non business hours. We were using a regular kick stop to prop this door, which caused the door to bow at the top and bottom, eventually causing it to quit latching properly. I was researching doorstops on line and when I saw the advertisement for the Vegas Door Stop. We have been using the Door Pro and are very pleased with the product. Not only does it keep our door straighter, we no longer have the stress on the carpet from the old kick stop. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to prop doors for any length of time.

Glenda Mathews
Business Services
Board for Professional
Engineers and Land Surveyors