Thursday, August 09, 2007

Walking in Nashville One Summer Night

This past Tuesday evening, we were downtown for a brief meeting at Past Perfect. Afterwards we walked around for a bit and we took a few minutes to admire the Ryman, our grand dame, which is silent and stood with pride and dignity over the honky-tonks which were all noisy, busy and much like children running around the feet of their grandmother. We soaked up the night air and thought of the history of Nashville and how things have been so good here.

We were recently looking at some old and new pictures of the Parthenon and there were people in each of the pictures. We thought of how that wonderful building has stood the test of time while people have come and gone. It seems like the people are so insignificant, in comparison, while these proud buildings watch us run around like we are the ones who are so important.

Let us not forget their are people who will be around after we are all gone, so think of how our city is led. Let's be careful with the images that we put out there for the world to see us in certain ways. Let's be the types of people who care for each other and lead this city, this state and this country forward and into further greatness. Don't let a "quick buck" or instant gratification stand in the way of doing what is best in the long term.

Take care everyone, thanks for stopping in and let's keep Nashville as wonderful and magical as it has always been.

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