Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Paid it Forward" Tuesday

We had paid for parking until 6am and since we wouldn't be using it I went over to give it to a guy who was getting ready to buy a parking ticket. When I first said "excuse me sir", he turned with a look that clearly gave away the fact that he was expecting someone to ask for money. Instead I told him that we would not be using the rest of our parking ticket and he could have it for free. He was pleasantly surprised and thanked me as he started to walk back to his truck.

After a few steps he turns and asks me if I am from "out of town" and I told him nope, I'm a Nashvillian. He smiled and said, "yeah, I thought don't get this kind of stuff from anybody else." We both laughed, wished each other a goodnight and went our separate ways.

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