Monday, August 20, 2007

Movie Monday: The Simpon's Movie

This movie didn't do anything for me. Right from the start the mocked the church, pulled current politics into the already lame storyline and made a point of discussing global warming and all. So why can't we go see a movie and not get a lecture or be talked down to by some numbskull Hollywood type?

We had two teenagers with us and they even sat there without laughing one time during the movie and it was there idea to see it. The movie had the violence of Itchy and Scratchy in the very first scene which I thought was inappropriate for all the kids in the theatre to see.

I think what got me more than politics, clear disdain for Christianity and environmental stuff was seeing the characters give each other the "finger" and to see Bart's penis. Yuck!

Give me a break Hollywood, is this the best you can do? Give me something to feed my head or just go away. I don't mind some mindless entertainment sometimes but not when it is mindless and lecturing at the same time. Now again, I didn't want to see this but I did and I was so disappointed in parents that thought this was good "family entertainment.

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