Monday, August 20, 2007

Josh Rouse- Former Valet at the Opryland Hotel

I worked at the Opryland Hotel in the 1990's as a Bell Captain and one of the guys who parked cars for us was Josh Rouse. He worked there for only a few months but I remember him talking about trying to make it in music and not country music either.

I hoped he would but never gave it much thought until a few years ago when I saw the name and his picture and realized they I used to work with him and it is hard to imagine it is the same guy. Gotta love it!

Here is a story from NPR about Josh:
Josh Rouse was close to giving up his professional music dreams when his first album came out eight years ago. A Nebraska native, Rouse had settled in Nashville after travelling extensively.

A couple of years later, he had a record label deal and an acclaimed debut album, Dressed Up Like Nebraska. Two years after that, he was able to give up his day job as a hotel valet parking attendant.

Visit NPR for the entire story.

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