Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grand Opening of the Arrington Winery and Vineyard

This past Saturday night we went out to Arrington Winery and Vineyards for the grand opening. They were offering all sorts of tastings and Pat McLaughlin did a concert with Kix Brooks jumping on stage to jam with him towards the end of the concert. It's a beautiful place with a friendly staff and some really good wines. It is located in a nice, rural area outside of Nashville which makes the drive out there beautiful.

It was a really great experience.

Some of the wines we tasted:

Syrah 2004- This was my favorite, it was outstanding and just was a delightful experience for my tastebuds.

Merlot 2005- A really nice delicious wine.

Red Fox Red (non-vintage)- A fun wine that tasted so good.

Sweet Liberty (sweet wine Muscat)- Really nice wine with a nice taste of honeysuckle in it.

Gewurztraminer (semi-sweet)- A white wine with a delicious taste and finish.

Desert Rose (dry rosé non-vintage)- A nice wine.

Raspberry (sweet)- Another good wine.

Arrington Vineyards
6211 Patton Road
Arrington, TN 37014
(615) 395-0102

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