Thursday, July 12, 2007

Last Train Home

Review of "Last Good Kiss" from Last Train Home...

Right from the urgently rocking title track, which opens "Last Good Kiss," it's clear that Last Train Home continues to stretch out. While the sound retains a touch of rootsiness, it also extends beyond the band's familiar alt-country/Americana.

Into what? That's tougher to categorize. This group left Washington, D.C., for Nashville in 2003. Its five-member lineup features two new players, including former Jayhawk Jen Gunderman; her keyboards play a big role in defining this edition of Last Train Home, especially on numbers such as the piano-based ballad "Go Now." But the ultimate identity of the band still rests with front man Eric Brace.

And if the new music is more diffuse stylistically, it still possesses an evocative expressiveness that matches the depth of feeling the singer brings to his typically penetrating songs.

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