Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuck Hinton Architects

Tuck Hinton Architects have created such beauty in and around Nashville and yet so many of us aren't even aware of who created such amazing architecture and beauty that compliments our city.

Some of their work is very subtle and the eye misses some of the specialness at first but upon further viewing you see so much and see the fun curves, shapes and such.

You see cutting edge yet you also see the nod to tradition and grandness of days gone by. I'm grateful to have such a talented architectural firm here in our own city who helps make Nashville such a wonderful place to visit and live.

Some of their works include:
-Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
-Tennessee Bicentennial Mall
-Frist Center for the Visual Arts
-Nashville Public Square Park
-Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Center
-Tennessee World War II Memorial
-Civil Rights Room at the Nashville Public Library (downtown)
-Kennon Sports Hall of Fame at Middle Tennessee State University

To see all the many wonderful examples of their design, please follow the link to their website: http://www.tuck-hinton.com/

"Architecture must have the religion of light, a sense of light as the giver of all presences."Louis I. Kahn

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