Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gibson Showcase- On Broadway

I went to see the show "On Broadway" at the Gibson Showcase and enjoyed the quality of the singing and dancing as well as the song choices. They didn't sing all of the biggest songs from Broadway but they covered some of the favorites from over the years.

There are only five entertainers and a really good band but they give their all and show their talents and truly shine.

Included with the show was dinner and it was a salad, entree, dessert and drink. The salad was good with lettuce, nuts and fruit. The entree was a grilled chicken breast with wild rice and green beans and it was juicy and full of taste but the beans were nasty. My advice to the kitchen, work on those or find something else. The dessert was a biscuit-type bread with strawberries, strawberry sauce, ice cream and whipped cream and was the showstopper. It was fresh, delicious and refreshing. I would have been happy eating a couple of those for my meal.

Overall, the show was very entertaining and is good for all ages. They currently are having a hard time getting crowds because there was only a couple of other tables being used during the show. Take the time to check them out when you don't know what to do over the weekend with your family.


"On Broadway"Gibson's "On Broadway," is a trip down memory lane that highlights your favorite songs from the great white way. From the taxicab drive "On Broadway," the mischievious frollicking of "…Dolly." to "One Day More" of "Les Mes," Gibson Showcase provides the Ultimate Musical Experience with an evening of elegant dining and service to match!

Doors Open at 6 p.m.
Show begins with first course 6:55 p.m.

Per Person Rates:
$35 Lounge Level
$45 Floor Seats
$75 V.I.P.
$100 White Glove Service
$150 Ultimate Dining Experience
Group Rate Available

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