Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pepsi 300 NASCAR Busch Series at the Nashville SuperSpeedway

Through the hotel that I work at I received some VIP passes for the Pepsi 300 NASCAR Busch Series. I had never been to a car race before and so I wasn't sure what I was in for but what everyone kept telling me was, "it's loud." We missed the beginning of the race since I got off work at the same time that the race started. We drove out to the Speedway and ask around until we found out where we were to park. Finally getting to our parking area was a relief but than we found out we had to ride a trolley over to the will call office to pick up our passes. We got there just minutes after the they had closed and I spent the rest of the race trying to find out how to get our passes.

The rest of our group went ahead and found some good seats in the stands to watch the race while I raced around the track time and time again, on the trolley. I saw most of the race from the trolley but I did see a few minutes from the stands and it was so incredibly loud and the smell of rubber and exhaust was everywhere. I still don't fully understand why most NASCAR fans are so rabid about the sport but it was a fun time for us all.

I just wish it had been a little warmer but hey they come back in June so maybe than I can enjoy the race in nice weather with seats VIP passes that I can actually get my hands on and enjoy the race from a comfortable area.

Something else that I saw and thought was really unusual was how many people were leaving the race with tires from the race cars. I know that is probably a thrill for race fans to be able to take home a part of the race but where do you put it? Do you make a lamp out of it, a coffee table or a chair? Another key thing to take next time...ear plugs. I realized that the quickest way to go deaf is to keep going to the races without ear plugs.

So hear is my checklist for my next race...

1. Ear plugs
2. Cooler with drinks (unless I get into the VIP area)
3. Make sure I know where I am going. (parking, seats, etc)
4. Take someone with me
5. Possibly stay to enjoy the concert afterwards (It was to cold this time around)

Thanks to Keith Coleman Racing for being kind enough for the VIP passes and being such a pleasure to work with at the hotel. Next time I take the day off and get there earlier. Maybe time I see what ESPN can do for some VIP tickets.....hmm.

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