Monday, June 25, 2007

On The Road As A Child

When I was growing up and traveling with my parents we had a station wagon and I had the back to myself. I had the backseat and the very back of the wagon. I had books, toy cars and all kinds of stuff to entertain me. Back then we didn't wear our seatbelts like today so I was free to roam all over the car and if we came to a sudden stop mom would throw her arm out to keep me from flying through the windshield.

We always stayed at these cool little roadside motels and we would always go swimming and eat at some little local restaurant. We always met some of the locals and often had a really fun waitress to take care of us. On these little country or backroads we found some amazing sights to see, great people and what I think is the core of America.

I sometimes hear that station wagons are making a comeback. I think that would be a good thing but more important than that is that families travel together and have fun seeing more than just fast food joints and interstates. I think we need to slow down and make the long 2 week vacations as a family again.

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