Monday, October 23, 2006

Hermitage Cafe

Stopped in the Hermitage Cafe today for a sandwich and while sitting at the counter I talked to some of the workers and folks around me. I overheard the owner of the cafe sitting and talking to a gentleman about places and things that are now just a part of Nashville history. It was interesting to hear and I know when I have more time I will be back in there and if possible will be talking to her and taking some notes on Nashville's interesting places of history.

The Food and Vibe:
A sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on wheat toast with fried potatoes and coffee. It was very good, inexpensive and one of the few places left in Nashville where you can sit at the counter and enjoy seeing people from all walks of life. It's funky, it is a dying breed and I love it.

The Location:
On Hermitage Avenue on the southside of downtown. A few blocks from Riverfront Park and Broadway and across the street from the new Rolling Hill Mill lofts and townhomes.

71 Hermitage Avenue
Nashville Tn 37210


Sam Davidson said...

The breakfast specials are the best. A mid-Saturday morning breakfast, or near midnight Thursday visits have been my expierences here. Tasty and cheap.

Webbspun Ideas said...

I've always gone for breakfast or lunch. One of these days I will get there for a late night meal. I've always heard it is another world at that point.