Sunday, August 13, 2006

Out and about in Nashville

Eating my way through Nashville
Week of August 7-13

Hot Diggity Dog,
614 Ewing Avenue, 615-255-3717

2 Chicago dogs, 1 order of fries and a soda.

This was my second visit and I love the food. The staff is very pleasant and happy to help with any questions with one of the owners being from Chicago, thus an expert. The hot dogs are delicious and the fries are perfect with a crispy outside that open to reveal a real potato flavor inside, which is hard to find anymore. A family friendly place with four tables outside and a small area inside.

1918 Broadway, 615-329-6674

1 Nosh Dip aka French Dip with fries and coffee

A local favorite that provides a taste of New York without leaving Nashville. The sandwich was very good with tender and delicious roast beef, jack cheese, grilled onions and au jus. I have been here many times and have always enjoyed the sandwiches, breakfast and salads. Some of the servers who have provided impeccable service each and every time include Ashley, April, Debra and Jason. This is also a place where you may be surprised at who you might see eating here, sometimes celebrities

Le Peep
5133 Harding Pike

1 Desperado skillet and fruit tea

A classy little place on the west side of Nashville that provides exceptional breakfast and lunch. The Desparado has a bed of peasant potatoes covering the plate and they are covered with melted cheddar cheese, diced chorizo sausage, homemade salsa, green chilies and is topped off with two basted eggs sitting on the top. I have also had the eggs benedict here and I enjoyed it very much and if you are wanting a little something to hold you until the main dish arrives, then try Gooey Buns. They offer a flavored coffee of the day as well as a mouth watering fruit tea that comes with a carafe so you dont have to wait for refills. The staff is pleasant and provides consistant quality.

Rosepepper Cantina & Mexican Grill
1907 Eastland Avenue

1 fish taco, 1 beef enchilada with beans and rice

A funky little neighborhood place that is both fun and serves delicious food. If the weather allows it, sit on the patio!!! It is worth it and it has such an ambiance with a water wall, fans and funky hanging lights. Enjoy the beverage menu and explore the subtle shades of taste difference when using different tequilas in the margaritas. I had no idea you could taste such differences and yet most of them delighted my tastebuds. Okay, on to the food...the white fish taco was very tasty and we had our fish fried instead of grilled for this visit and it worked well in tandem with the shredded cabbage, Baja sauce and pico de gallo that top it. Next was a beef enchilada that was simple and yet did all the things good food can do to your taste buds. The beef was tender, juicy and was a perfect foil for the beer and margaritas.

1787 Gallatin Road North

Hickory smoked bar-b-q pork platter with fried okra, potato salad and turnip greens with cornbread and sweet tea.

The bar-b-q was good but it could have been much better and lacked that good smokiness taste that we all know and love. I had to rely on the sauces for flavor and they are good but all they offer are mild and hot. The sides were full of flavor and I devoured them. The okra had a nice crispy batter that enhanced rather then hide the full flavor of the okra itself. The potato salad and the greens both tasted fresh and were delicious. The sweet tea needed a better taste and should have been sweeter.

More culinary explorations coming, Stick around and join the fun anytime. I'd love to get recommendations, suggestions and input from anyone and everyone.

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