Monday, August 14, 2006

Nashville has some outstanding architecture and I enjoy walking or driving around and seeing all that we have here. Some of the true jewels we save and preserve and others I see in different states of repair or slowly wearing. I'm struck by all the Greek Revival architecture we have in the area and how it is so ironic that we don't have the largest Greek population and yet they have influenced so much of our city and state. Thinking of how we are the "Athens of the South" and how we have cities and towns around the state that bear the name of Greek cities. For example we have Athens, Sparta, Carthage, Alexandria, Antioch (Nashville suburb).

So many people that visit Nashville and Tennessee don't realize all of our history. Mind you, I don't get upset over it because I don't know all of the history of other cities and states but I wonder if the think Nashville is only like Hee Haw or something like that. We are so much more then that and yep when the Schermerhorn Symphony Center is completed it will be another jewel for Nashville. So the next time you are out and about in Nashville, take the time to realize there is a lot more then you might think. Nashville is such a great city and is much more than a stereotype and when you see our beauty and grace while understanding how we have a much more complex history then just a bunch of country will see why people love living here and visiting here. You will see a great city to be proud of .

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