Thursday, November 12, 2009

Southern Food in Nashville - Meat and three

Nashville and food is a tricky situation. We are known for fried chicken and most things fried but we are also known for meat and three's. We don't have a certain thing that we are known for when it comes to food but we are slowly building an amazing network and family of restaurants, candy shops, chocolatiers and locally grown foods.

What is a meat and three? It is where you go and pick some meat from a selection of anywhere from 3 to 6 choices and then 2 or 3 choices of vegetables on the side. For the vegetarians there is always the option of getting a plate of 3 or 4 vegetables. Each dish comes with either biscuits or cornbread and the desserts are most always delicious and homemade.

The desserts are often something along the lines of banana pudding, apple or peach cobbler, pie or cake. Always some variety with some places having more choices then others. When it comes to the pies you usually have some pecan, apple, chess, sweet potato, chocolate, coconut and sometimes even more options. Cakes are usually a yellow cake with chocolate icing, coconut and some others.

When it comes to drinks most folks go with sweet iced tea but you usually also have the options of lemonade, coffee, sodas and not much more then that.

Business hours are usually lunch time which usually means 11am-2 or 3pm. Some places are open for dinner but it is always best to check before assuming because most of the meat and threes are family owned and they want to get home to be with their family as much as possible.

This will get you started and if you have any questions or thoughts, email or call me. My cell phone number is 615-400-0966 and my email address is

I look forward to seeing you all out there and trying our local foods and restaurants. Enjoy the taste of Nashville, ya'll!

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