Thursday, November 12, 2009

90 minutes at Robert's Western World

Went down to Robert's Western World last night for a little while and sat a couple of stools down from Rhonda Vincent. Wow, she is a beautiful lady and she is sooo talented. I had some Michelob Ultras and I received a free sandwich from the bartender because some guy didn't wait for his order so I received a ham sandwich with fries. Okay, it wasn't gourmet or fine dining but for a lil honky-tonk food, it was good and helped keep the beer in check.

Great times as the crowds flooded in from the CMA Awards at the Sommet Center. Talked just a itty bitty bit with Rhonda, Manuel came in and the Travis Mann Band absoutely tore the place apart. They all are so much fun and the new guitarist really fit right in to their fine grooviphonics. Dig the rockabilly!

I love Nashville and I think this is the kind of thing that truly only happens here in Nashville. Oh, oh yeah...the irony is that I don't think anyone recognized Rhonda Vincent. She sat at the bar with a couple of folks, ate a cheeseburger and enjoyed the music. I think the only time someone besides me talked to her, was to tell her they wanted a drink and to help get the bartender.

Fun, fun, fun night ya'll!

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