Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meeting folks at QuarterFest 2009

Here were some folks that we met at QuarterFest 2009. This was the first QuarterFest and they are looking to make it an annual thing and I hope it stays in Murfreesboro for a long time. Miller Coliseum is a nice arena for horse shows and it is close to home for us. It was a quiet show with primarily vendors, clinicians and others involved with the show there but I'm sure the weather and all kept most folks away. I look forward to next year and a great crowd in attendance.

Be sure to visit the websites of these good folks and see what they do. Enjoy the video and we'll see you soon at another horse show.


The Cowboy Mounted Shooting folks were cool to watch but it was very noisy. Be sure to check out their website and take in a show the next time they are in town.

This is a unique type of pottery that uses either horse or dog hair in it to give each piece a unique and cool look. This is something to look into if you have an older horse that you would like something beautiful in your house, office or barn to remember them with.

I bought some of the chili and a jar of jalapenos with garlic and onions. So far I have only tried jalapenos with onions and garlic and I loved it.Superb but also pretty hot!

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