Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need advice about how to create a garden

I'm asking for advice on how to plant, take care of and what to plant to get the most out of my garden.

What I'm thinking about planting is one or two plants of each vegetable or herb. Here is my current list of things to plant.

~potatoes~squash~corn~tomatoes~cucumbers~carrots~green beans~pinto beans~greens~asparagus~cabbage~lettuce~peppers~melons~onions~brussel sprouts~garlic~thyme~rosemary and some other herbs as well.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got a lot more room and materials than this suburban wanna-be gardener. Might I suggest the following to get you started?

Research Lasagna Gardening. I'm trying it right now on my south Nashville lawn turf, and have high hopes. I have an epic amount of earthworms right now, and my potatoes are looking great!

You're starting a little late, but go forward anyway. For your first garden, pick some veggies that are known to grow well in TN. Tomatoes, potatoes, squash, all sorts of herbs, cucumber, beans, sweet peppers etc.

Good luck!

Corey Webb said...

Thanks for the help and advice, Mrs. Scarborough. Stop by anytime and feel free to give any advice and I will keep things updated about the garden from time to time.