Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jessica Burkhart, former Nashvillian, has a book published at age 21

Jessica Burkhart loves her horses. But scoliosis — and subsequent spinal fusion surgery — ended her equestrian career before she hit her teen years.

So, she started writing ... and writing ... and writing.

More than 100 magazine articles later, the former Dieterich resident is releasing her first book. “Take the Reins” is the first installment in the eight-part Canterwood Crest series. It is being released Jan. 27 by Simon & Schuster.

The protagonist in “Take The Reins” and subsequent tales of Canterwood Crest is Sasha, a small-town girl who attends an exclusive Connecticut boarding school. Burkhart said Sasha has more than a little bit of Jessica in her.

Read more about Jessica in the Effingham Daily News.

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