Thursday, January 22, 2009

Electronic cigarette that is geared to travelers comes to Nashville

Ruyan America, Inc., Minneapolis, announced that it will introduce its newest E-cigarette smoking substitute/cigarette alternative, the Ruyan Jazz, at the 2009 National Association for Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) to be held January 24th to 28th in Nashville, TN, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. The Company and its distributor, Nashville-based Nathan & James Group, will be at Booth 822 during the exhibit hours.

The Jazz is Ruyan's latest addition to its line and was developed specifically for the convenience store/travel center market. Like the Company's award-winning Vegas E-cigar, the Jazz is a completely disposable product that does not require that its battery be charged or that its cartridges be changed. The Jazz resembles a slightly larger traditional cigarette, 134 mm in length and 11mm in diameter and has the equivalent mouthfuls of vapor found in four to five packs of conventional cigarettes. It carries a MSRP of $24.99. Like other Ruyan cigarette alternatives, the Jazz does not contain tobacco and is not subject to smoking restrictions or tobacco taxes.

William P. Bartkowski, President of Ruyan America, Inc., stated, "The Jazz certainly raises the bar with respect to the product category in terms of convenience, aesthetics and value. It was designed and manufactured specifically to be sold in those venues where smokers most often purchase traditional tobacco products -- retail environments such as tobacco outlets, convenience stores, truck stops and travel centers and hospitality venues like casinos and hotels."

The Jazz is available in four styles -- the Classic, which contains 16 mg of nicotine; the Classic menthol, also with 16 mg of nicotine and menthol flavoring; the Freestyle, with 0 mg of nicotine, but all the flavor of the Classic; and the Freestyle Menthol, another nicotine free product.


Anonymous said...

Electronic cigarette and electronic cigar – a revolutionary way to real cigarette. Now smoking everywhere where smoking is banned. Enjoy the e cigarette with the same taste as real cigarette. There is no flame, no tobacco and no nasty carcinogens so you can smoke without harming others around you.

Anonymous said...

Although the Jazz is a pretty decent piece of hardware, I highly recommend that you don't use the pre-filled Chinese-made smoke juice. The FDA just released some pretty scary findings on the "Chinese Poison", saying it contained some of the same chemicals found in Antifreeze. Since then, Ive only been using American Made stuff like Halo E-liquid, Johnson Creek, or Cloud 9. I just feel safer knowing my e-liquid is made right here in the grand ole' USA.

Johnny B