Saturday, January 03, 2009

Barack Obama Metro Cards in Washington D.C.

I think this is cool but it would be nice to do something like this for all incoming presidents.

There are three options. For $10, you can purchase a rechargeable SmarTrip card with Obama’s face and “January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day” printed on the front; this card has no fare preloaded. Twenty dollars will get you the same plastic SmarTrip card with $10 in Metro fare preloaded. SmarTrip cards can be used on trains and buses.

A one-day paper pass is also available for $10. Printed with a black-and-white image of the President-elect, the pass gives you unlimited subway travel starting at 9:30 AM. You can use the pass any day of the week, including Inauguration Day, but it expires at midnight Sunday through Thursday and at 3 AM Friday and Saturday.

By comparison, a regularly priced SmarTrip card costs $30 and comes with $25 in Metro fare preloaded. A one-day rail pass costs $7.80.

Read more in the Washingtonian.

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