Friday, December 19, 2008

Could a U.S. law drive local businesses out of business?

From the looks of it, yes it could. MSNBC talked to local toy maker Brian Pharoah of and he explains how it would hurt him and others here in the U.S. as much or more than the Chinese companies. Read below for a portion of the story and click the link to read the entire story.

Support local business and get your kids some "Real Wooden Toys."

Handmade Tennessee toys could be facing their last Christmas. A new law intended to stop China from making dangerous lead-based toys has also endangered the mom-and-pop toymakers.

The law was aimed at China for the lead-tainted toys produced there in 2007 but instead hits mom-and-pop American and European toymakers.

Brian Pharaoh's grandfather made wooden toys. When Pharaoh, a former tank commander, was stationed in Germany, it was natural that he would look for the same kind of toys he grew up with. His hobby became a business: Nashville's
"(It) could be devastating to the consumers and, of course, the people that are making these toys," Pharoah said.

Read the entire MSNBC story

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