Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award: Cheri and Earl Cruze from the Cruze Dairy Farm

Since Cheri and Earl Cruze began producing churned buttermilk in the early 1990s, their small family farm in Knox County, Tennessee, has become a revered name among culinary connoisseurs and country folk alike. Earl claims he is simply carrying on “a family tradition.”

Both his grandfather and great-grandfather sold buttermilk from horse-drawn milk wagons. The Cruzes are one of the only family farms in the state of Tennessee to process and bottle their own milk. In addition to buttermilk, the Cheri and Earl sell whole milk.

Visit the Southern Foodways Alliance website to read an interview with Cheri and Earl Cruze.

Read all about Colleen Cruze and her "Dairy Dreams" on the University of Tennessee Achievements website.
Tennessee Farmer Becomes First in State to Join Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program
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Visit the blogs of Cheri and Earl's two daughters
Colleen has the Cruze Farm Girl blog and Francis has Jack and Jake blog.

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