Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where the locals eat? Maybe a local should be consulted

Interesting information here but I think most of us knew that this were not the most scientific books but yet still a little bit helpful to most. Read the entire article at the link at the bottom of the post.



Recently I received a copy of the Minneapolis/St. Paul edition of Where the Locals Eat, a Guide to the Best Restaurants in America , a Zagat-size book that promised to tell me the 100 Best Restaurants in the Top 50 Cities. I flipped to the title page, curious to see what familiar names I might find among the contributors, which local foodies--people who dine out regularly and know the Twin Cities food scene like they know the inside of their oven mitts--might have offered up their expertise? Strangely, or, actually, not so strangely, I didn't recognize any of them. A few shallow, one-page-deep Googles of a few of the names brought up no connections to Minnesota, but a whole lot to Nashville, where the book was published. What qualified a bunch of people in Nashville as "local experts" on the Twin Cities?

I wrote the PR person, hoping to gain some insight. "Could you tell me a little bit about your methodology?" I asked. "Who are your writers and how do they make their picks on which restaurants are included?" Regarding the "best" picks in different cuisine categories, I asked, "Did you choose the category winners via survey? How was that conducted?"

Read the entire article HERE.

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