Friday, August 08, 2008

Nashvlle Restaurant Scores August 6-12


The Pie Wagon
1302 Division Street
Date Inspected: 07-31-08
Score: 93

Papa John's
222 Thompson Lane
Date Inspected: 8-01-08
Score: 91

Whitt's BBQ
114 Old Hickory Blvd
Date Inspected: 7-28-08
Score: 91

Pronto Pizza
3701 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 7-29-08
Score: 91

Loew's Vanderbilt Plaza Grill
2100 West End Avenue
Date Inspected: 7-28-08
Score: 91

Carol Ann's Kitchen
407 Murfreesboro Road
Date Inspected: 7-31-08
Score: 90


Waffle House
707 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Date Inspected: 7-28-08
Score: 59
Major Violations:

  • Many flies present in the store
  • Hamburger and chicken in drawer-cooler by grill at 51º and 49º, respectively, must be 41 or below
  • Half smoked cigarette on the floor by hand-sink in back kitchen area

Chile Burrito
162 4th Avenue North
Date Inspected: 7-30-08
Score: 59
Major Violations:

  • Cooked chicken on hot line at 122.9º (embargoed 3lbs)
  • Fruit flies on mat under three compartment sink
  • Live roach on floor in mop sink


Bourbon Street Café
5252 Hickory Hollow Mall
Passed Reinspection

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
3451 Lebanon Road
Passed Reinspection

Blue Sky Buffet
900 Conference Drive
Passed Reinspection

Mexican City Grill
1000 Rivergate Pkwy
Passed Reinspection

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