Friday, August 15, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Health Scores; August 13-19


Burger King
2104 North Gallatin Road
Date Inspected: 08-07-08
Score: 96

5631 Charlotte Pike
Date Inspected: 8-04-08
Score: 95

Minami Japanese Restaurant
6688 Nolensville Road
Date Inspected: 8-06-08
Score: 92

Jack in the Box
581 Murfreesboro Road
Date Inspected: 8-08-08
Score: 92


Opryland Cascades Restaurant
2800 Opryland Drive
Date Inspected: 8-04-08
Score: 48
Major Violations:
· Sweet and roasted potatoes out of temperature
· Turkey @ 46º sitting in pan of ice
· Shrimp @ 47º on prep cooler
· Fruit flies present by server station
· Flies in storage room

Music Row Café & Catering
99 Spring Street
Date Inspected: 8-04-08
Score: 55
Major Violations:
· Roaches crawling on prep table
· Raw steak inside walk-in cooler is out of temperature
· Hamburger meat is out of temperature in walk-in cooler
· Roaches everywhere

China Star
630 S. Gallatin Road
Date Inspected: 8-05-08
Score: 55
Major Violations:
· Raw beef and raw chicken are out of temperature on prep cooler
· Salmon sitting on top of oven is out of temperature
· Shrimp inside of walk-in cooler is out of temperature

China Spring
3946 Clarksville Hwy
Date Inspected: 8-08-08
Score: 55
Major Violations:
· Chicken and shrimp out of temperature on drain-board near triple sink
· Egg rolls on prep table are out of temperature
· 15lbs of general chicken embargoed for being out of temperature

Dalton’s Grill
7061 Hwy 70 South
Date Inspected: 8-05-08
Score: 56
Major Violations:
· Employees not able to use handsink because there are boxes of food and other stuff blocking access
· Potato salad on top of two door prep cooler is out of temperature
· Raw chicken in tub, inside two door prep cooler, is out of temperature.


Waffle House
707 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Passed Reinspection

Chile Burrito
162 4th Avenue North
Passed Reinspection

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