Sunday, July 06, 2008

"The Other Band" in Nashville is my band of the week

July Calendar

July 8
The Commodore Lounge
Nashville, Tennessee

July 15
The Limelight
Nashville, Tennessee

July 17
The French Quarter Cafe

July 18
The Crescent Cafe
nashville, Tennessee

July 23
The Commodore Lounge
Nashville, Tennessee

Kevin and Donna are a duo from Nashville who book themselves as ..The Other Band... In part because the pair have always backed each other on their pieces and are known to provide sound reinforcement for others be it songwriters rounds, rock and roll acts, or even the jazz funk fusion of a jam band. They have played together for nearly a decade starting off with their earliest incarnation as ..Goodbuddy.. which fused rockabilly rebellion with blues influenced garage band rock.. While playing with others they have always retained their roots through what some would call traditional music. Donna Frazier who sings and is the bass player of ..The Other Band.. writes in a vein of traditional music that is soulful, emotional, and modestly thought provoking. Kevin Frazier accompanies along with guitar, vocals, and writings that reminisce the feel of rockabilly in its heyday and at times visits swamp rock with silly-billy country crankers. With the addition of drummer Bobby Thomas, they now have the thunder that was lacking the lightning duo. Together they somewhat disorient the senses with traditional sounds that have modern relativity. Their live performances are known to bring out the fun and abandon lacking in music today. With instrumentation ranging from acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, piano, and percussion that is steady and obscure, their sound can one way be described as American Music.

Visit their website at Real Good Music.

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