Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love this patriotic message

Okay call me corny or whatever but as I sit here this morning building 55 trophies for the upcoming 4th of July parade in our town a strong sense of pride comes from within. The column have the American Flag on it and are extremely patriotic so it has inspired me to ramble on a little bit.

Sure America is down pretty good right now, but as Americans this country will come back as we have many times in the past. I might not be able to bring it back but if alot of us, me, you and many others lift our heads up, pump our chests out, unite and take full pride in the quality of work we provide and do what we can to help stimulate the economy every little bit will help.

I was becoming very negative and going to retire, get out of the business and could care less who bought it but I am now energized and going to do my part 120% and more to bring America back up into its rightful place in this world. We have helped everyone in this world at one time or another and now our America is licking her wounds and we will help mend those wounds to make her the proud, beautiful country in the world envied by all!

This is my country, my ancestors fought long and hard working their fingers to the bones and spilling their blood to make her the great country she STILL is! We are a country of immigrants, Irish, Polish, Jewish, African, Mexican, and on and on from every country in the world, but we must join together as Americans and on 4th of July and every day there after be proud of who we are and make it known that being American and built in America still has the mighty meaning it always did.

Be proud to say as I am, God Bless America and God Bless each and everyone of my fellow Americans!

My closing comment, those that are kicking us in the face when we are down, beware, the Eagle will fly high and mighty very soon and we don't get mad, we get even.

Bob McGinnis
RWM Embroidery & More
Smyrna, DE USA

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