Monday, April 28, 2008

A nice little party on a Saturday night

Last night, ya know...Saturday night...we went to one of the coolest parties ever. There was amazing Mexican food, a bar, big stage, and a cool setting out in the country. I can't put it into words except to say that I had a wonderful time and look forward to doing it again next year.

Rosie Flores performed and provided a big shot of enery to an already cool party that went magically with a perfect day that wasn't to hot or cold. Rosie rocked the house and now, well, I must say that I have one knee bent to the power that is Rosie. She rules!!

We bumped into Jonell Mosser and we talked for a moment and I found out that I missed an amazing performance by this amazing lady at 3rd & Lindsley on Friday night. I'm beggin ya to go out and check out her next performance here in town. You will thank me later...

by the way, Those Darlins performed and entertained on the dance floor as well. Quite unique and fun is just what these girls are.


MIUMIU said...

I took Japanese women. Impressed.
If the link if you like, please.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here