Wednesday, April 30, 2008

City Hall is moving out of the Gulch

City Hall Entertainment Space, a music venue in the Gulch, will close in mid-September, after being asked to leave their lease to make way for an Urban Outfitters retail store.

Urban Outfitters will bring its funky apparel and home furnishings to The Gulch in early 2009 in the 12,000 square foot space vacated by City Hall. This will be its first store in Tennessee.

MarketStreet Enterprises, principal developer of The Gulch and owner of the building leased to City Hall, approached venue owner Austin Ray and Benjamin Goldberg about vacating their lease early, and they accepted. They will look to establish a similar venue elsewhere in Nashville.

"This deal got brought to us by the landlords. It was great for all parties involved," Goldberg says.

City Hall filled a niche in Nashville's live music venues because of its size. Goldberg says he loves the name so he hopes to keep it at the next location. He doesn't expect much affect at his Gulch bar Bar23 after City Hall is gone, but he does think certain bands won't come to Nashville anymore.

Read the entire article in the Nashville Business Journal.

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