Sunday, February 10, 2008

ZAP Cars and Stuff

Since 1994 ZAP has been a world leader for electric and advanced technology vehicles, delivering more than 100,000 electric vehicles in more than 75 countries. Whether it's a Xebra Sedan electric car or Xebra Truck, Zapino or Zappy 3 scooter, we can help you go green today with 100% electric and solar-electric hybrid transportation. Also, Recharge your mobile electronics with ZAP's new Recharge-It-All line of battery rechargers. Checkout our ZAP-X and ZAP Alias electric cars that we are developing with Lotus Engineering.
The past year marked an important milestone for ZAP. With all the talk about electric cars and the environment over the past year, we are proud to be one of the only companies in the world today with a full line of affordable, production electric vehicles and a sales and service network helping to bring them to communities all over the world. We are particularly proud to be offering our first production electric cars, the XEBRA line of sedans and trucks. The XEBRA truly is an affordable way we can all make a statement in support of the environment.

Visit ZapWorld to see more cars, scooters and offroad vehicles. Cool stuff, indeed...

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