Monday, December 03, 2007

A Visitor Spends a Weekend in Nashville

I met gentleman today, from Texas, who was flown in to go to the Titans/Texans game. He is in the tire industry and was a guest of a major tire company here in Nashville. They provided him with a room at the Downtown Hilton on Saturday night and found out that he had a suite. He was happy to hear that and as he walked in he noticed the television on and tuned to a college football game.

At this point he decides that this is the life and he loves the pampering that he is receiving. As he goes further into the suite he finds a "gorgeous blonde standing there half nude" and that really threw him for a loop. He now begins to wonder if the company had provided her as well when she slowly turned and looked at him, his eyes gazing and admiring her "amazing breasts" and said "I think you have the wrong room." At about the same time she covered her breasts and at that point he realized that he wasn't welcome to stay in her room.

He goes back downstairs a little disappointed that he met such a stunningly beautiful woman and couldn't spend a little time with her. He resigns himself up to his room and tries to rest because he is excited about going to the game Sunday.

He watches the game from the company suite of the big tire company and loved every minute of it, even though he is a Cowboys fan. He said he had the time of his life at the game.

Sunday night he went to the Airport Marriott and even though it is in a quiet part of Nashville, he enjoyed himself and said that he had never slept on a more comfortable bed in his life.

So as he prepared to leave Nashville with so many wonderful memories still fresh on his mind....he just couldn't get the blonde bombshell off of his mind. Poor guy, must've felt like a kid in a candy store who could only look at the candy before being kicked out of the store.

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